EEEkk going to be bad and need help :)

  1. Can someone tell me if it's easy to link a new creditcard (not debitcard) thru paypal, how does it work when you use a normal creditcard? Are there fees involved? Just got an offer for 0% interest thru Jan 2007 so how can I refuse :love: Still contemplating though. Anyone talk me out of it ?!?!
  2. there are no fees for the buyer for just using a credit card on paypal. to link a new card you log into paypal you click on the tab on the top that says Profile.. then underneath the column that says Financial information click 'credit cards' then it will open the next page that on the bottom says 'add' and you just add your CC info
  3. ^what she said! :smile:
  4. Thanks girls! Oh and Marie, I love your hello kitty :smile: