1. I recently switched my deodorant to some unscented thing from Mitchum(?) and like I think its giving me a rash! Im gonna stop using the deod, but how do I get rid of the raaaaash? I dont even know if its a rash its kinda like black bumps on my underarms =[ It sounds nasty! but help!
  2. eww, see if it goes away on its own, if not go to a dermatologist
  3. If the rash really was a reaction to the deodorant, then it should go away 5-7 days after you stop using it... if not, it might be something else - time to see a doctor if that's the case!
  4. K, Im definately gonna stop using it! But I'm sad I really liked it, the smell didnt mix with my colonge since it had none! =[
  5. degree ultra clear is skin friendly :smile: