EEEK!! So I looked in the mirror this morning..

  1. And I saw a couple fine lines right below my eyes!! :wtf:

    I don't have any crow's feet or any wrinkles anywhere else.. just a few lines right beneath my eyes and it's kind of scaring me! :crybaby:

    I'm still a teenager and last time I checked teenagers aren't supposed to have wrinkles!

    Any eye creams/products/serums/ANYTHING that will help those lines go away or at least diminish???
  2. First and foremost- ALWAYS wear sunscreen!
    Wear it even on an overcast day!
    Maybe your just dehydrated? Make sure you are drinking enough water. 8-12 glasses a day is recommended.
  3. Sunscreen ALWAYS.
  4. There was a thread about this a while ago but..... try to sleep on your back. It makes a big difference with undereye lines.