eeek! please help me decide NP vs VP

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  1. i wish i could get all of them but for right now, i need to decide on which ones to get first since i'm on a budget

    in what order do you think i should try to tackle these

    1) Patent Nude NP
    2) Patent Nude VP
    3) Patent Black NP
    4) Patent Black VP
  2. 1. Patent Black NP
    2. Patent Nude VP
    3. Patent Black VP
    4. Patent Nude NP
  3. If you're on a budget just get one color of each in NP or VP.
    1. Patent Nude NP
    2. Patent Black VP

    Then if you really want to get the other 2, I'd get
    3. Patent Nude VP
    4. Patent Black NP
  4. #3
  5. Black VP
    Nude NP
    Black NP
    Nude VP

    A black pair of VP's are a must, so If I were you I would get the Nude NP, so you can have a VP & NP. Then when you can, get the others.
  6. Nude NP
    Black VP
    Black NP
    Nude VP
  7. 1 - Black VP
    2 - Nude NP
    3 - Black NP
    4 - Nude VP
  8. 1- Patent Nude VP
    2- Patent Black NP
    3-Patent Nude NP
    4-Patent Black VP
  9. i prefer VP to NP, actually. i think they look nicer on the feet.
  10. 1. Patent Black VP
    2. Patent Nude NP
    3. Patent Black NP
    4. Patent Nude VP
  11. ITA :tup: Good plan.
  12. I agree with wantmore. You may not need all of these, but if you must then I'd do this...

    First the Verys

    Patent Black Very Prive
    Patent Nude Very Prive

    Then the Numeros

    Patent Black NP
    Patent Nude VP