eeek... no FB first for BalNY

  1. I've been on a purse ban for a while.. but just recently started looking for the FB first I was wanting before the purse ban. I just called BalNY and they aren't getting it, and they think the FB first have been canceled completely! :crybaby:
  2. I know.:sad: I asked Kim about it and it has been canceled. :crybaby: I thought the First would be awsome in FB.:yes:
  3. According to Aloha Rag, they still have it on order and should be getting it in. You should get on their list if you want it. I was given the same info from BalNY, but I just don't know how accurate their info is.
  4. That's too bad about BalNY. I agree that FB would be perfect in a first.
  5. Aw, I'm so sorry Impasto, hopefully you will find it at AR. Considering how pretty the Indigo blue Firsts were, the FB dark blue would probably also look lovely in that size. Good luck sweetie!
  6. thanks spiral! I am already on AR email list, and hopefully they will come through. I REALLY want a FB bag.
  7. I'm also on the FB first list Impasto! But it's been awhile now.. french blue in the first style would be so cute!
  8. Someone on here said that BalNY told her they didn't make the First in FB (or that nobody ordered it, one of the two) :confused1:
  9. Har, u mean NO....that's so it no demand for that color in that style. I tot that was a fabulous color....sorry to hear that~~
  10. I was told conflicting things as well. A month or so ago I spoke to Daphne and she put me on her list for a FB First and FB Giant Hobo. Since I wasn't sure if I was going to like the giant hardware (it's really the shape of this hobo that I like, and I wish it came in reg hardware), I was hoping to get it first and then exchange it for a First if needed. At the time Daphne thought both of those styles were coming. I called to check on the status this week and spoke to Kim who said Bal did not make any French Blue Firsts, but they were still expecting FB GH's. Daphne is back from vacation in May and I was going to double check with her then. Even though I am now getting a FB Matelasse, I still think a FB First would be cute! I already miss the Box style, so I hope they will have a small bag in FB available!