EEEK My slim Legacy Flap are tight to get into...and get my stuff!!!

  1. As you all probably know by now, I got a Whiskey leather slim flap and a signature espresso and black slim flap legacy during the PCE event because the larger size was too heavy for my back. So now I had gotten a bargain..BUT...Although the hardware is the same the straps are narrower as well as is the thickness from the real ALI. I was headed to the mall yesterday and decided to try my new espresso and black slim flap to go shopping and see pics of the new items or some of them might have actually been there already. I put some things in the espresso bag, whiskey wallet, striped wristlet, keys cell phone and did not fill it to the top for lightness. It is very narrow, about 2 1/2 inches or so wide..much more narrow than an Ali and slipped it over my arm. The things and the weight dropped to the bottom leaving the top empty. I tried to get my wallet out for a minute to see if I had all of my cards in the new wallet and I could not get my arm in the bag, it waas that narrow and tight. I dropped the bag onto my arm and tried it again. still narrow and the flap hit me stiffly in the face. ACCCK attacked my a Coach bag. lol. Being a bit surprised as this NEVER happened, I was totatly shocked. I grabbed the stuffing and the dustbag and took my things out and dropped them into my tote. It certainly was not worn as was the whiskey so I brought that along with me to see the difference in the two flaps. I went to the store to ask them if people were having that problem getting into the bags. They had never carried them in the store, because people could not get into them easily and fit all of their things in. They agreed and said think about them for you love the bags and bring them back if you see it does not work for you around the house. I decided to think about it and ordered the new patchwork satchel from the catolog sight unseen. I was so frustrated. I do not even know if that one goes over the shoulder. That leaves me with all the legacy accessories, wallet, a ponytail scarf, a striped wristlet and a signature wristlet if this does not work for me and no legacy bags to match...Ouch... I laid them both out again last night and tried it again ..actually I tried for quite a while obsessed with it..and they both were hard to get into. The leather is more plyable on the whiskey, but the signature is hopeless. still narrow. Never had a problem like this getting into a bag that did not open from the top or zip. I like to get into my bags easily and like totes for that reason. Anyone else have any suggestions, otherwise darn it, all are going back. I am totally bummed out. Thanks!!!
  2. Lynn- I feel so bad for you- it seems lately that everything you get so excited for and have your heart set on turns out not to work for you. One last ditch effort - have you tried the Legacy shoulder zip??? No flap to mess with, it's wider than the slim flap, and not too much harware. Then you can keep your accessories.
  3. ^^I agree, that may be a better fit for you.
  4. I just worry about your bag and all that heavy hardware and leather. Maybe the patchwork satchel will work out better for you?

    Whenever I want ease and simplicity, I go back to a single strap bag with a zipper opening. I love my whiskey Ali but I only bring her out on occasion because she's heavy and starts to hurt my back.

    Good luck!
  5. I agree you should try the shoulder zip. I've got it and it's not that heavy. I can put all of my normal stuff (wristlet, cell, card case, french wallet, etc) into it with ease. It sits comfortably on the shoulder. Do you have a pound limit you can carry? If so, I'll weigh mine with all my stuff in it and let you know.
  6. I think I am going to do that for the espresso slim flap is very awkward and yes, I get my heart set on a look and it does not work on me. I am by no means tiny. 5 foot 5 and 128 lbs..but little shoulders and of course the neck and back discs. I know I would only have all reversible totes. I know not to go shopping with any bag that is heavy..take wristlets and run...But yes, that seems a better choice and I just took one back, my mom's yesterday and felt badly cause I had two the same pattern. Darn it...As far as the whiskey zip, there are none in the whiskey zip left and somehow that one is so much for flexible in getting into. I would rather keep the whiskey flap and get the espresso zip in the shoulder not the pocket shoulder, for I love that I told my DH to return the wallet for I spoke to my SA and she said they have been having trouble with the leather frames if you stuff it too much, she is very honest about hers doing that and she had to replace it. So that is good to know. Thanks so much for your support, it feels good to have you guys to run things by!!!! :heart:
  7. I weigh things too and I think about 2 1/2 to 3 lbs with stuff is pretty normal. I agree with you that the signature zip is pretty and holds almost the same as the espresso slim flap. The reason I got the whiskey is that I just like it so much, but both are heavy for me in the shoulder when things drop to the bottom and that is definitely not worth it, cute or not...but I really liked both of them so much. Thanks!!!! Much!!!!!:heart:
  8. Yes, this is almost as heavy as the Ali but a bit smaller and harder to get into. I should just get what is comfortable and forget it already. Hobos that are light leather or signature may not be so head turnibg but they do feel better!!! Thanks!!!!!:heart:
  9. Yes, but if you can believe this, I just gave one back yesterday having two the same pattern...Accck so stupid of me....Thanks ....:heart:
  10. Lynn:

    I am sorry that the Legacy Slim Flap did not work out for you. I purchased the Legacy slim flap and found it difficult to get in and out of and way too small. That's why I exchanged it to an Ali. What Patchwork Satchel did you order? Is it the brown/khaki version. That bag is so cool. I really hope that you like it and that it works for you.

    kind regards,
  11. I am in the process of selling my regular flap for this very reason!! definitely try the shoulder zip. it's my favorite of the legacy bags I've had (shoulder bag, shoulder zip, legacy flap).

    too bad the slim flap is hard to get in and out of ... I was going to get it as my next bag. I'll have to try it first!!
  12. Lynn, I know exactly what you are saying about the slim flap. I ordered one in the khaki/ebony because I thought it was lighter than the ali. I knew immediately after putting my stuff in it that it was too tight and awkward.
  13. I know, my arm practically got stuck in there and the leather slim flap is not like that at all. Weird, what did you get instead?
  14. The leather slim whisky is a bit more plyable but it scratches of course so I have to decide very soon, since I just gave back the wallet for credit. I still have the scarf and the stripe wristlet and signature wristlet in the espresso. The espresso shoulder bag is heavier with the pockets for me and the leather shoulder bag , being the heaviest besides the leather full size Ali and of course the leather Mandy. It is a very heavy line with the hook and the hardware. I may only be keeping my white and denim resort bag and getting a patchwork hobo if that new Khaki and gold Satchel does not go over my shoulder and is heavy as well. :heart:
  15. I love the Legacy leather too. But in terms of weight, the Ergo is SO lightweight. I didn't think I would like the hobo, but I loved it once I tried it on. I couldn't get over how light weight it felt. Have you considered that so you don't hurt your back?