Eeek! ladies! I picked up the Emily Bowler in Truffle today! $579 CAD! Pics inside!!

  1. Hi Everyone! thank you for all of your help deciding which MJ bag to get. I ended up with the emily bowler in truffle.

    I also bought the Balenciaga City in Sapin (I think) for $629 CAD!

    Thanks again for all of your help!
    P7190502.jpg P7190504.JPG P7190503.JPG P7190498.JPG P7190499.JPG
  2. OMG... both are SO GORGEOUS!!
    May I ask where you bought these bags? I live in Canada too, but can't seem to find any deals anywhere!
  3. It's at Holt Renfrew. They have one more Emily left

    They also have a topaz elise and a small olive multipocket for around $499 each
  4. Do you know if they have a baby Stam or any other MbMJ bags for sale? Thanks for the heads up!!
  5. Oh yay! You got the Emily after all. I love it - it's absolutely gorgeous. And your Bbag is so pretty too! Congrats on your new bags!!!

    That Olive MP sounds so beautiful as well. I would have had trouble resisting that one too! :p

  6. I didn't see any stam's on sale, just the totes with "MARC JACOBS" embossed across them. No m by mj bags as they just fly out of there at reg. price

  7. thank you! I love it too! If they had a large multipocket I would have gotten it instead of the b-bag. :smile:
  8. beautiful! great choice:yahoo:
  9. Very pretty bags, congrats!
  10. OMG! Bags are great. Love the leather on the Sapin.. not too veiny or too smooth. Great leather! Dang, do they have any more bbags on sale? I'm hankering for another even tho I'm already waitlisted for fall...
  11. Hi thithi. there was one twiggy there..not sure of the color but it was a blue/grey color. It was $899 CAD I believe!
  12. Congrats~! like the colour of these bags! do us some modelling pics... hehehe!
  13. Sounds like Anthracite... very tempting price! But not as tempting as the Sapin's price. I think I'll pass... great bag though. I've been wanting a twiggy.

    You got a great deal, I'm so jealous!!
  14. Beautiful bags!!!
  15. Both of your bags are beautiful! The Sapin color is amazing! Congrats!!