EEEK Impulse buy today

  1. I didn't need it but I was at a resale shop and I looked at a Mono Tango... I ended up getting it for $135+tax. It was too good of a deal, I couldn't pass it up. It could use a new strap though. And of course, it's real =)
  2. YAY!!! You can always re-sell on eBay if you change your mind!:idea:
  3. HOLY CRAP! absolutely GREAT deal!!! congrats!
  4. Please post a pic, would love to see your new purchase.
    don't worry impulse buys are the best!!:angel:
  5. It's hiding in my car at the moment. I don't want to die before the bag sees light.
  6. Nice!! I've been eyeing a few on ebay :smile:
  7. =) Pics. Date code reads SD0041.

    I haven't tried to clean it or anything yet. I'll see what I can do. Either way, it's a classic.
    DSC00473.JPG DSC00474.JPG DSC00476.JPG DSC00477.JPG DSC00478.JPG
  8. oooh... nice!!! which resale shop in houston is this? i've only been to one on gray.. in case you are looking for an mono alma.. there is one there.. it's been there for the last yr!
  9. Haha, believe it or not. It was Buffalo Exchange. Last year about the same time, I got a Petit Bucket there for $100. Trust me, BE doesn't know how to price their items. I found a pair of REAL SFAM (I'm a member of HF also) Havana Sigs for $35. They're not even marked damaged.

    You're talking about Bedazzled though. It's actually pretty pricey there.
  10. oohhh i moved to houston recently. can you ladies recommend any other resale shops for lv and such?
  11. awesome buy evolkatie!!! i live in houston too...and i would love to know if there are any besides buffalo exchange!
  12. Beautiful Bag....What A Great Price! Enjoy!
  13. Heh, there are a bunch. Bedazzled (west gray & dunlavy), there's another one on westheimer & Hazard, it's next to Pixie & Ivy, but it's some resale shop. I saw a cabas mezzo there a year ago. Real but heavy water stains. Icky. Some fakes there too but those are priced like 30 bucks or something hehehe. Fashion recycler will rarely have LV bags but I've seen sneakers there (westheimer & dunlavy) and of course the big one. Buffalo Exhange (westheimer & mandell) has used clothes and well, pretty much everything.

    I guess you just have to be lucky.

  14. Edit:

    Never mind. someone else already asked that question. i should have scrolled all the way down before posting. LOL
  15. Great buy Katie! I bet you could sell it on ebay and make some $$.