Eeek!!! I Just Spent $5,997.05 At The Newly Opened Beverly Center Gucci Boutique!!!

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  1. I bought the:

    1. Cream Guccissima Indy ($2490)
    2. Mystic White, Canvas Large Horsebit Hobo ($1270)
    3. Dark Brown Guccissima, Large Horsebit Hobo ($1,780)

    The boutique manager, Jennifer, even looked concerned that I was dropping that much dough! I think I have a Gucci problem! :drool:

    I'll post pictures after I come out of my shocked zombie-like state...:wtf:

  2. woww.. Congratz for the new bagz!!
  3. OMG!!!! Congrats. Can't wait to see pictures of everything.

    When did the Bev Center store open? Is it a bg store? I will have to go check it out.
  4. can't wait to see pics!
    The most I've spent was about $1800 if I remember correctly..

  5. The Beverly Center store opened just this Friday, two days ago. They debuted entirely with the Fall Collection, they're not carrying any Spring or Cruise. Because of this, their store is not having the sale. It was a great store, close to Louis Vuitton. Manager Jennifer is great!
  6. That's alot in itself, for your sanity, don't spend more than that, I'm currently having a panic attack!
  7. can't wait to see pics! I guess you couldn't let any of these babies leave without a good home!:P
  8. Wow! That's quite a haul!

    Congratulations...I think, lol
  9. awwwwwwwww congrats congrats!!! :smile:

    cant wait to see PICS!
  10. Congrats on your haul! The sticker shock will fade away soon......

  11. TWO horsebit hobos???!!! Biiiiiiitch.

    The chocolate guccissima is the one I want. Its beautiful, and the best of both worlds -- its leather, and its logo, but much subtler than the jacquard logo. GREAT choice. :drool:

    The mystic white is the brown logo w/ off-white leather trim?? Thats a good one too. After all this time, Im still iffy on the LHH. Im a big bag girl, but that one seems like it'd be a pain to dig through. But its necessary for any gucci afiocionado, I think. :yes:
  12. What a hauL! Can't wait to see pictures !

  13. once the storm settles and you still feel like you've gone "a little" overboard, you can return one or two of them.. unless you're completely in-love with all three...

    it must feel extremely liberating and weird sense of contentment tho, walking out of that store, knowing that you didn't derive yourself :smile:

    .... maybe one of these days, i can do the same - drop some SERIOUS dough in one day?? well, highly unlikely, but one can dream...
  14. Wow, you go all out when you go shopping. I would love to spend $5000 at Gucci. You can always return a handbag if you still don't feel comfortable about spending all that money. I can't wait to see pics of your purchases.:smile:
  15. Congrats!!!!

    After your post I had to go check out the Beverly Center store. It is a really nice store. I fell in love with a bag while I was there but I just can't justify buying another brown leather bag right now. I met the store manager and she was so nice. I think they are much nicer there then the Rodeo store.