EEEK...Horrible picture to be published in magazine.

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  1. My SO and I recently had our picture taken by a magazine at an event. I was able to preview (they are on the website but the next hard copy issue isnt out yet) the pictures and they are HORRIBLE. I look possessed. I have no idea how to describe it or what to do. Im so embarrassed.
  2. :hugs:

    Is it safe to assume it's going to be mixed into the standard society page collage? Worry not! It happens to the best of us! Plus, chances are you're being far more critical of the photo than anyone else will be, KWIM? :flowers:

    still, for future reference, now seems a good time to begin implementing piggy's public picture policy: No Unauthorized Photos In the Public Domain! (aka, please do not take my photograph unless you are holding my camera, because if you take my photograph, I shall assume whatever camera you are holding is meant as a gift for PIG! why thank you! how very thoughtful . . . *swipe* :P)
  3. Very Very very rarely will I look at someone else's photo and think "whoa that is a bad picture" whereas very very very rarely will I look at a photo of me and think its not a bad photo.

    My friend was once photographed out the front of a function and as the person with the camera snapped the pic a homeless man jumped in and kissed her on the cheek. I'm sure that photo is way worse than yours:lol:

    Basically what I am saying is that you probably 'think' you look way worse than you actually do.
  4. Thanks guys!

    Azzy - You are right. Im probably being too critical of myself, but it is funny. My dbf has been howling laughing at it for the last day. But in the whole scheme of things, when its just a tiny picture amongst many, Im sure no one else will react to it as dramatically as I have.

    Piggy - I was aware of the picture being taken :Push:, but I have the most bizarre look on my face, I look like this, :shocked: startled, Im seriously not even smiling. Im not sure if with all the comotion I was distracted and didnt realize she was snapping when she was, but it is a very funny picture. Either way, not much I can do now, chalk it up to experience and make sure I hold my pose longer next time.

    I probably should have read your thread sooner, and reminded myself of how "not to appear fat" in photos. Perhaps then, I would have been more self aware.

    Ill nail it next time :P
  5. I tend to just refuse photo-ops as a matter of course - lessens the potential for mishaps and gives an air of mystery too (^(oo)~)
  6. So true!