Eeek! Eyebrow emergency!

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  1. So I was going to pluck my eyebrows and I can't find the tweezers. So I figure I'll just trim them a little with some facial hair scissor thingys-- bad idea, right? I didn't think so.
    So... long story short, I'm kinda sorta missing like 1/2 of one of my eyebrows. I didn't completely shave it off, I just somehow cut the hair really close. It looks WEIRD, though. I have naturally bushy eyebrows, btw. So two questions:
    1. I've looked around the web, and have heard mixed answers about how long it takes eyebrows to grow back. Remember that mine were snipped, not waxed.
    2. How should I cover it up in the meantime? I've heard of eyeliner or eyeshadow. Which do you think looks more natural?
    Please help me! I'm kind of panicking because I've heard that sometimes eyebrows never grow back! AH!
  2. get a powder to fill them back in :yes:
  3. I think eyeshadow looks more natural as long as you pick a light neutral color.
  4. There's one of those eyebrow pencils that you can fill gaps with and you can rub it in to blend it with the rest of your eyebrow... I'm sure it will grow back in a few days : ) if all else fails just wear huge sunglasses :graucho:
  5. Use a brow powder or matte eyeshadow to fill it in. It shouldn't take too long to grow back.
  6. If it were ME, I would snip the other brow too, to make it match. Then, I would find a decent pencil or powder and fill them in to make them more defined. Im sure it doesnt look as bad as you think it does!

    I trim my eyebrows with those little scissors, but when I do it I put a small comb through the brow so I dont cut too close. I would say I trim my brows about every week or so. So, no worries! It wont take too long to grow back!

    Good luck!
  7. Everything I read online says brows take forever to grow back, but mine grow super fast. I trim mine as well but brush them upward and trim the hairs that stick up, very carefully.

    I'd fill in with a powder, I would expect you'll be back pretty close to normal in a week or two.
  8. ^agree with the above.. there are some great powders and eyebrow damage

    control eyebrow correctors on the market..smashbox has one, laura geller has one..

    they will grow back....
  9. Thanks, everyone! I have a thick eyeliner pencil (that I don't use b/c it's too thick), and I think that looks better than eyeshadow. For years I've lamented my bushy eyebrows, but hopefully that'll mean they'll grow back quickly!
  10. Rub a little Castor oil nightly and take some biotin to grow them back.

    In the meantime, get a brow kit. If you go to the MU counter a SA will teach you how to use it. Or you can even get some eyeshadow the same color of your eyebrows and fill it in.
  11. I managed to SHAVE OFF a good portion of my eyebrow when I was like 14. Hope that makes you feel better! Get some powder!
  12. They will grow back. I've been plucking/trimming my eyebrows every 2 weeks for over 10 years and have had many accidents. I recommend using a powder to cover up in the mean time.
  13. This happens to everyone at one time or another. Just a few weeks ago I let a new stylist at the salon I go to wax my eyebrows and she did them a little thinner than I wanted...just get a good powder or pencil and you'll be fine.
  14. definitely not true about them not growing back. if that was true there would be a lot of lost buisness for waxers lol.