Eeek Excitement!

  1. My Playground Bella/Denaro and my Paradiso Dolce/Denaro arrived today at my mom's work! She's going to bring them home to me, and she just called to tell me that they are very rad looking :biggrin: Now I've just gotta wait until 6:30 to see them!! :crybaby: I'll make a pics post soon!

    :yahoo: :yahoo:
  2. i KNOW HOW YOU FEEL ABOUT WAITING. (Sorry about the caps. lol) But my scuola just came in and on the day I was up all night expecting it, no one in my house answered the door so I had to wait a whole weekend for it.
  3. Yes, please post pics! I'm waiting for my playground bella bella to come too! You will love the paradiso print. I carry my paradiso bella when I'm running errands.
  4. Oh no!! I would've died~ I get so impatient waiting for things. It's even worse to have them sent to my mom's work... I live in an apartment, so I wouldn't trust the world with toki all packaged up and laying on the outside stoop :sad: Only an hour and a half to go for me! :yes:
  5. I love that the paradiso is mainly blue... I think the toki bags work well with the outfits I wear, so it's great to match them to my shirts and such :p I picked it over the Inferno~ I'm hoping I made the right decision!
  6. Yeah, I wouldn't trust the neighbors either especially when you live in an apartment. I live in an apartment too but I know my neighbors and no one would steal from me. I'm home during the day anyway so when I hear the mailman I'm like right there to get my package.
  7. That's good for me in the summer~ Being in school when the mail comes is so sucky :p Good thing I graduate soon!! :yahoo:
  8. lol. Yeah when I oreder things like clothes or purses from the internet I am very impatient. I just can't wait to have them and am always bugging the company for the tracking number so I can know when it's gonna be here. :yes:

    EDIT: Sometimes my mailman doesnt even knock on the door. He'll just leave it outside. :/ The only reason he didnt leave the toki was b/c the shipper wanted a delivery confirmation.
  9. You can't go wrong with either print! Both are cute! I couldn't make up my mind either way so I got both. But if I had to choose I would pick the paradiso. I love the cute babies!
  10. Ahh I was in agony this time because I ordered my bags over the phone - so there wasn't any tracking number for me to reference! D: They got here quick, though~ I just ordered them on Monday! :smile:
  11. It was between playground and inferno for me - and the playground was 50% off, while the inferno was only 25%, haha~ So I figured I'd get more bags for less money, even though I'd be giving up the inferno. (But playground is so cute!!)
  12. 3 dayss!!! That's quick! Did you get express delivery or do you live in a state or city near the shipper?
  13. It's fun to shop on the internet although you do have to wait for your stuff to come. There is always something to look forward to when the mailman or UPS guy comes! It's like X-mas!
  14. I got regular delivery from the Southampton Factory Store~ I live about four hours from it, though, so that might explain the quckness~ :p
  15. Yeah, it is just like Christmas! I have two other packages that are expected to come sometime - a dress from Macy's, and a band t-shirt from a different site. I LOVE getting packages in the mail! :yes: