EEEK! Did I make a mistake buying the Pochette over Eva?

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  1. I just took a very naughty lunch break:graucho:

    After scouring the forums I was determined to pick up an Eva - every Eva owner seems to LOVE IT , and I was really looking for a lil bag that could serve as organizer in big bags and a clutch. plus I LOVE cross bodies - so I thought the eva was going to be a no brainer. I was determined to renew my long lost love of LV with the EVA.

    So I did check her out at niemens ....and she was beautiful ....but I decided to wait just a little and think about her.

    THEN I stopped into LV (all in the same mall) and tried on the Pochette - and it just seemed to click with me! A few years ago I was SO over the pochette...but after trying it on again ...I felt it was causal, cute, easy to use and I just imagined in years to come the pochette would look so cute broken in ....Something about the eva just seemed a lil shiny to me.
    I should add I love going out but I have a very casual style ( boot girl instead of a heels girl) and the pochette just seemed to fit me better.
    (and I feel like if I needed to I could use the Pochette dressed up too...)

    However - I am a lil sad the Eva didn't work out and am wondering if I made a mistake....I was so excited to buy a 3 in 1 bag...and so many owners of Pochette wished they had purchased an Eva. Anyways...any owners out there that have a well loved Pochette over Eva?

    Do I trust my instincts or take a second look at the Eva?
  2. If you are still thinking about the eva, maybe you should take another look at it. Have you looked at it in Damier?
  3. I like the eva better to be honest, because it can be worn cross body. I think it is more grown up looking too. The pochette has always reminded me of a high school bag. Sorry!
  4. i personally like the eva better. i actually think the eva looks great dressed casual due to the cross body. so i think it mite work for you since you said you have a more casual style.
  5. While I prefer the Eva, but if you felt good in the pochette, you should keep that.
  6. I prefer the Eva, but I like everything a bit shiny! If you feel more comferabel whit the pocette, then it's rigth for you. And if you gonna use it inside a bigger purse, you don't have to worrie about scratches on the brass plate!
  7. I like the Eva but the only thing that would drive me insane is the plate. I have a galleria which is new but I HATE the fact the plate could get scratched and gross.

    Plus I don't think your mind is set on the Eva as you didn't want it instantly but you did want the pochette instantly!
  8. I own both, but I have to tell you, I use my Mono Eva more than the pochette because I can wear it crossbody. I can also remove the long strap and use with just the gold chain for an evening look.
  9. Im afraid Im going to have to second this one. To me, the pochette is an accessory, sort of, while the eva is more a "bag", if that makes sense....
    But - they ARE both lovely, of course, and I love to spot them both!!!
  10. I really like the Eva.
  11. I did just the opposite--went in to buy the pochette and walked out with Eva. The SA showed me what all you can do with Eva and I agreed it was more versatile. Love it.
  12. Hi, I am currently looking at both bags as well. I think I'm going to decide on the Eva, because if you think about it, when wearing it cross body, you can reverse the bag so the brass tag doesn't show (less of a flash), an it seems like the brass chain that dangles down can be swung to either side as well. So you can go "plain", or "shiny", or more dressy with the brass handbag chain.
  13. I bought a mono pochette before the eva came out. I bought a longer strap to go with it. I was thinking about getting a damier eva but I rather have a bag (like a speedy) for almost the same price of the eva.
  14. I have a Roses pochette and love it, but only because it's such a beauty, no matter the bag itself. I still want an Eva, it's one of my favorite LV bags, it's so smart!
  15. Thanks for all the comments so far! I really can't deny that the Mono Pochette accys defintely has a high school quality about it ....but I guess if I tried to whipe out those thoughts also had a timeless simple quality about it like the Speedy does.

    But I think you guys are right ...I definitely need to go check out the Eva again. Maybe it was my super causal outfit today. Sometimes I also like to rock the more boho chic vibe maybe it was the simplicty of the pochette that was drawing me to it today...