Eeek--Chanel LA bag may be lost...does Saks usually ask for signature on Fedex pkgs?

  1. I got a voicemail from my SA yesterday saying my Chanel LA bag showed as "delivered" by Fedex to my office yesterday night--odd thing is Fedex usually always comes before 2-3 pm to the office, even to my home they come before 3pm generally....

    So I left the office at 4:30pm yesterday and Fedex hadnt showed up while I was there...

    I get in today--no package...feeling slightly frantic and worried now...

    Saks Beverly Hills isnt open for another 2 hours and they are the only ones who can check since Saks (like many other stores--dunno why though) dont give out tracking numbers for "security reasons" they say....

    And I tried Fedex and they couldnt find anything just by looking up my name/company name and zipcode...

    No one in my office has seen it...and I wouldnt worry about them either...

    I just know that once, NM sent me PJs I ordered from another store and the package was left at my office front door...cos it was locked--we lock it when the receptionist leaves at 4pm...but NM uses DHL/UPS I think?

    Sooo...does anyone recall if Saks asks for signature on their Fedex packages? or if they would just leave it at the door?
  2. good question. I think they require a signature
  3. I just got a package from Saks a few days ago and signature was required. I thought it varies depending on your SA, but don't quote me on that. But this time, they required a signature.
  4. I think someone said something about $3000 rule. If over that, a signature is required but when under, then no. But if your SA could have noted it as signature required when shipping it out. Don't worry. I'm sure you could resolve it when you talk yo your SA about it. Don't you remember how a tPFer actually got her bag even after it was delievered to a different address?
  5. In my experience, it depends on the Saks store. Some stores required sig, and some just got left at my front door. IIRC, Saks BH didn't require sig. Keeping fingers crossed they find your bag!
  6. I get items sent from Saks BH to my office all the time.. and Fedex always asks for a signature. If its being delivered to your office, they normally ask for a signature... if someones there. However, the last package I received.. magically appeared on my desk the next morning....:confused1:
  7. oh no!!!! :s i hope fedex will locate your package!

    in my experience, saks handbag items (non-sale, from Chanel, LV) that are purchased over the phone from the store usually requires a signature.

    from online, i've ordered large $$ of items for one shipment and they seem to just dump it in front of my door because "signature release is on file".
  8. Some SA's will send packages requireing a signiture while others don't. But just to be on the safe side you can always tell your SA to make sure it is signature required, especially if you are having it sent to your office. I have receieved packages from Saks that required a signature, while others were just left by my front door.
  9. it totally depends -- i believe signature confirmation must be specifically requested otherwise the package will just be dropped off. i no longer have anything shipped to my work since hearing horror stories about packages being signed for and "lost."
  10. I hate to tell you this, but Fedex has left Chanel bags in front of my garage TWICE! Not even front door, in front of the garage... I get it, it was snowing, but still!
  11. I have never, in 7 years, ever been asked for a signature when Fed Ex has brought a package from Saks or NM. Now, I HAVE had to sign for a $2 CD from a company, but never $8000 worth of CHanel. Go figure.

    And yes, a few packages HAVE gone "missing", never to be found. I think they went "missing" curtesy of the employee (somewhere along the line). I have even requested needing a signature AND a receipt when they have picked up a package for return. In both cases, the reply has been "that is not our contract with Fed Ex". Good luck.
  12. Ohhh, I hope all works out!! Keep us posted!! Good luck!:hrmm:
  13. Wow, I'm sorry to hear this is happening to you. Hopefully, everything will turn out fine...Let us know what happens.
  14. Calisnoopy, I had a Saks order (under $1,000) and a sig was required. Can you get the tracking number and look at the tracking info online? Also, if you know your regular delivery person, you can talk with them directly. Call the shipper when you take a look at the online info. If Saks doesn't want to give the tracking number out, escalate the situation to a manager. Also you can dispute the charge with your credit card co.

    I hope that it just shows up and you don't have to do any of this.
  15. I have never had a problem getting a tracking number from Saks. In fact, the operator who answers the phone is always more than happy to look up the info and give me the number.

    Hopefully your bag will arrive soon, but I would press for the tracking number so you can see the scan online.