Eeek! am getting nervous 'bout my new white

  1. ladies! after reading the thread here from the PFer asking for advice on buying her first Chanel (which i also contributed to :yes:) , i noticed that a couple of PFers advised her NOT to get the white caviar flap 'cause it will color transfer!!! OMG i didnt think this was an issue with white caviar? Is it? if so, i will exchange my new one since have not used it yet at all. If this happens to my baby, I will go into mourning and have to be put into a home.....are there therapists specializing in damaged purses and how you cope with it, i wonder? Please advise me, this is my first white bag ever....................
    Thank you so much!
  2. No, I haven't had any problems with color transfer (only some dirt, but that wipes off!)
  3. I haven't had any problems with mine either!! :smile:
  4. Honestly-I wouldnt worry..ANything light colored is a worry but I think its a pretty bag and if you take care of it..itll be fine!
  5. ohhh thank you soooo much ladies i feel much not worried bout the dirty but the color transfer threat would make me crazed........................Jill, are you getting the white coco cabas? do you have any white Chanels?
  6. Like Jill said, anything light-colored is going to be a worry, and that includes the Chanel classic flap and all other bags. So you might as well enjoy this bag!

    Also, you can take your bag in to be redipped if it gets too dirty, I believe this can be done up to 2-3 times.
  7. Agree. "Anything light-colored is going to be a worry". Just be extremely careful and you will be fine. White caviar is so classic that you must have one! :wlae:
  8. I agree that the white caviar is a gorgeous classic piece, just be careful with it you shouldn't have any probs
  9. Caviar should hold up better than patent bags, it's not like you are going to drag it on the floor or knock it around, so go ahead and enjoy your baby, Congratz!
  10. Claudia,
    I am wait-listed for the Naked Bag in the tote @ CHANEL Las Vegas:biggrin:.
    Are you still with me on this???
  11. ohhhhhhhhhhh i love you guys! thank you SO much for the support......the bag is really luscious and she and i have bonded to give her back to NM would be like sending child back to orphanage :p

    Penny yes may Moses and Abraham help me, i am still waitlisted for the Naked.....should be in, at the earliest, 3 the new Bazaar, it says that clear bags will be very big this spring, although it will probably fall the way of a fad, eventually, (like we care, riiiiight??!!!) but my motto has always been "if you adore it now, get it NOW" roflmao

    PS and of course, at the bargain price of $995 for Chanel..............:true:
  12. No problems at all with my white caviar flap.
  13. LOL..OK..I admit it too..I dig the naked bag..I think its fun....
  14. :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  15. I'm considering getting a white too, and was wondering the same thing, so thanks for starting this thread!