1. Resort Turnlock...


    What were they thinking?? :throwup:
  2. I saw it in the catalogue in my bag, and I'm not feelin' it either.
  3. The first thing I thought is they found something to do with all the broken turnlocks from the Legacy bags. NOT doing a thing for me either. :throwup:
  4. I thought that was a pretty ugly bag!
  5. LOL......and I'm definitely not a fan of it either.
  6. Not cute
  7. Yeah it's not my type :p
  8. looks like a toad's skin :yucky:
  9. Definately heading to the outlets pretty soon!
  10. Fugly!!!
  11. yeah I saw some "inspired" looking bags at Target that are even worse!
  12. Big :tdown: on this one...
  13. not cute ....but I thought the wristlet and wallet was cute.
  14. crack is whack....OK, sorry jk!!
  15. Looks diseased.

    Oh, well, they can't all be hits.