Eeeek!! Ingrid Bag in Action!!!

  1. Hi ladies and happy holidays!

    Here is my Ingrid Bag in Action!! I'm at my birthday party and it was her first outing...I'm soo glad i ordered this! :yahoo::yahoo:Thanks Ladies for the awesome advice as always!! :yes:
    Ingrid in action!!.JPG
  2. Congratulations and Happy Birthday!!:flowers::balloon::happydance::drinkup:
  3. Happy Birthday!! :smile: It looks GREAT on you! I love your outfit too!
  4. Beautiful! It looks so sophisticated on you!
  5. It looks fabulous on you! Happy Birthday!!!:flowers::heart:
  6. Thanks ladies!!! I love my bag soo much...!! I'm so glad i can share this with someone that is as nuts as bags as me....hehehehe
  7. Congrats, it's beautiful!!!
  8. Happy Birthday! You look great, and the purse is fab!
  9. Gorgeous bag! It looks great on you too. Hope you had a great birthday!!!
  10. Hey ladies!!! Thanks so much for all of the "happy birthdays" and the compliments on my new baby" I had an awesome B'day!!! :wlae::party::tispy:Thanks!!