EeeeGadds ... TWO on my WANT List & they're WEEKENDERS!

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  1. Ooooooooh, I've been waiting patiently for LVAuthentic to post these again (unfortunately, she raised the price on the Pewter), but ...

    OH MAN ... stop me ... :mad: ... my fingers ... :mad: ...are getting way too close ... :mad: ... to the ... :mad: .... BUY IT NOW ... :roflmfao: button!!!!

    It's like the Angel & Devil talking into my ears ... one :yes: {YES} and the other :rant: [NO] ... arrgghh ...
  2. Can't you compromise and just buy one of them (not helping I know!)
  3. I know this is not what you wanted to hear, but if you really need/want them do it! You dont want to get caught in the apple city situation again. Right? :0)
  4. Yeah ... NO KIDDING!!! Seriously, I almost smacked that BUY IT NOW button the minute I saw the Bordeaux Weekender ...
  5. ^ yeah! I think that was on there before though? I have to look again, but is it really bordeaux? If I remember correctly I think it might be marron.
  6. hehehe... ceejay.. you're hilarious.. good luck with the decision! =)
  7. oooohhh it's balenciaga galore on ebay!!!! Good luck CeeJay!!!
  8. another great buy, CeeJay yippeee!!!!
  9. ouch. tough, get one? i would go for the bordeux...
  10. I was looking at the bordeux earlier! It's a beauty. You should go for it. :smile:
  11. Just to be the devil's advocate? I vote Pewter.

  12. Yup, it's the marron and not the bordeaux. "B" on the metal tag. :flowers: Pewter pewter pewter! :graucho:
  13. ^ yup!

    You know, funny thing CeeJay - I was contemplating the pewter and trying to decide if I should sell my bordeaux for the pewter.. hehehe!
  14. Yeah, both the Bordeaux and the Pewter were up on eBay before (same seller). Alas, the starting bid did not go down ...

    I've wanted the Bordeaux for some time, it's such a classic color ... but I also really love the Pewter (I like Metallics) ... choices :huh: , choices ...
  15. CeeJay-- I don't know if you've seen any of the threads about handles getting dark after time, but the Bordeaux, while an amazing color, seems to have that problem. I assume, then, that the Marron would, too. If you think that would bother you, I say go for the Pewter. :smile: