Eeeeewwww, eew, eew!!!! I am traumatized!!!!!!!

  1. OMG I am so yucked out! My male cat
    ummm, well, he's fixed but he was "romancing" my leg! WTF!!??
    I started freaking out and SO came and pried the cat off of me.
    So then, this morning at 3:30 am I wake up and he is DOING IT AGAIN!!!
    He is neutered. Why is he doing this? And how do I make it stop?
  2. It can't be helped if you have a really sexy leg! Maybe you could try some support stockings to downplay the sexiness:roflmfao:

    OK, not helping I know.
  3. LOL male cats & dogs tend to.. hump.. things! I've never really had this problem but I have seen other dogs do it.. it's funny but pretty gross LOL. You could always ask your vet a few questions?
  4. I have a neutered cat & dog that also do that at times. I asked my cousin (who's a veterinarian) about this & she said it's a sign of affection....kind of like hugging. I also have a female dog that does this :lol:
  5. I agree with the post above - make your leg a little unsexier and see what happens. :upsidedown:
  6. hmmmm....maybe your SO taught him that trick??? [​IMG]
  7. I thought this was a spider thread by the title.
    of course I had to run right in to tramatize myself. ;p

    "Humping" is also a sign of domination.
    He thinks he's above you in the family pecking order.
  8. ^^LOL, VLL, me too!! I came right in so see the spiders!!!
  9. ^^*dies* me three...
  10. I agree with this one! Dogs are notorious for this... not sure about cats..
  11. My female dog.... well.. she humps her son. I tell myself it is dominance every day.. lol. (ps my vet confirms this!)
  12. LOL, you guys are hilarious! Unhelpful as all get out... but hilarious nonetheless.

    He's going to the vet next week so we shall see. Until then, I'm not shaving my legs. Maybe that'll turn him off?
  13. LOL. You are funny!