Eeeeek, it's a MOUSE (flat)!

  1. I've been wanting the Marc by Marc Jacobs mouse flats forever, and when someone made a post about the silver ones on Zappos, I decided to order them. Black was actually my first choice, but it's been sold out in my size for awhile. Well, a day after I ordered them, I actually found my size in the black pony hair at another online store (am I allowed to post the name of the store here?)

    So the black pair are on the way ... but I now I need to decide if I should keep the silver too. What do ya'll think - do they look okay, or is the silver too much?



    And just for fun, here is some pictures I took of my cat's reaction to the flats... :lol:


  2. Your cat is beautiful, mine caught a mouse today, real one not shoes, shame.

    Wait until you get the black ones and then decide if you want to keep the silver ones, sorry not much help :smile:
  3. Too Cuuuuute!!!! I love them! I have a pair in Black! (fake, unfortunately, yes, i said it, i got jipped on e-bay...:sad:!:hysteric:! ) Anyway, i still like them and i like the pink nose on the black ones...but these are soooo cute! Aaaaw your cats super cute too! Yes, you can say the store. I think? :confused1:
  4. i love the last picture with your cat. too cute! and so are your new mouse flats. congrats!
  5. oh my gosh i've been wanting a pair! they are so gorgeous - where did you find the black ones at?
  6. hahaha! i love the cat pic. i want black mouse flats so badly!
  7. Thank you so much Beany, mamimeow, tadpolenyc, dusty paws, and tomato4! :smile: My cat Flower says thank you too!

    I found them at a store called My Chloe Lane, on their website. :yes: They are based out of Utah and have a couple of actual stores too. Not on sale, but I think they are the only store that has the black left!
  8. thanks lanier! now i can't decide what color to get! you're the best :smile:
  9. I would keep the silver too. I really like the look of a black top, jeans, and a fun colored shoe. It is a great way to throw in some color without being overwhelming, that is beside a great color MJ bag.
  10. so cute!
  11. Love the picture of your cat with them !

    I've really wanted these for a while, but I can never seem to find them in size 5, so frustrating ! Since you've managed to snap them up both in your size, keep them ! :graucho:
  12. So~ cute!

    I've been wanting a pair of mouse flats for forever, but my feet are too big...
  13. Your cat is adorable and the shoes are great!
  14. They're adorable!! Just wait for the black ones to arrive, try them with different outfits from your wardrobe and decide which are a better choice in most cases! If you can afford both, keep them both!

    As for the ones on eBay, I was checking them out too and I can't believe that they were fake! Quite a few have been on eBay for a good price and in various sizes (the seller claimed that he closed down his shop and was selling the rest of the stock), were they all fake?:wtf::wtf:
  15. Btw, love your avatar and the adorable Flower!!