Croc 35 Birkin! Would You Carry This Bag? Jes' Wonderin'??

  1. Hi PFers....
    I'm throwing down the gauntlet, and testing your mettle!!!!!

    HOW MANY of you would carry this bag??? ONLY HONEST ANSWERS ACCEPTED/EXPECTED....LOL!!!!

  2. oh heck yeah I would!
  3. god yes! that's gorgeous!
  4. sure! why not ?
  5. in a heartbeat!
  6. Of course, I definitely would love to. :heart:
  7. LOL I love how we're all like "of course"!

    In my opinion the real question here, though, is would you BUY that bag?? I mean, I initially said "heck yeah I would carry that!" and ya know, I probably would if it were mine. But would I plunk down $35-$55K for the privilege? Especially knowing that I personally won't be plunking down for another croc Birkin all that soon afterwards?

    That's not to say I don't think it's totally rockin', because I do. But to me it's just not a bag that I would consider actually owning unless and until I won MegaMillions and could buy a whole rainbow of crocs.
  8. :nogood:
  9. ^^ Well said.
    I'd be thrilled to own it, but I would never buy it.
  10. Exactly! I would LOVE to own it, but I wouldn't purchase!
  11. still yes but that is me as in my world while neutral croc is nice colors are just fabulous in croc they have an 3 dimensional appereance etc. also some of the most stunning colors are croc only.
  12. Me either.

    Let's change the THREAD title to:


    Believe me, I don't have one for sale, just wanting to know what you all are thinking....testing the waters!!!
  14. :okay:

    Yes If my premium bonds ever pay out more than fifty quid:nuts:
  15. I Would Buy & (Of Course) Wear It....Truly Magnificent:heart: