eeeeeek I CHEATED...

  1. help! feeling the guilt. :sad: I've been patiently waiting for BalMilan to call me to tell me the A/W colors are in so I can go pick up an ocean city. And was just thinking "I need some new accessories, namely, a wallet." SO I was going to go to the accessory mecca, LV, to see if anything caught my eye. Before I went, of course, I checked out the LV forum here to see what the gals had to say about certain styles being too annoying to get into, too small, too big, etc.

    Somewhere in that search I came across a bag I had never seen (I pay no attention to LV bags, I sold my Speedy to help fund my first Bal) and just THONK! :nuts: fell in love. And had to have it. 20 minutes later it was in my hands.

    :wtf: What do I do?!? I thought I had pledged my :heart: to Bal? It's not the same kind of tender, I-like-to-pet-it, I-will-love-you-forever kind of love. For one thing, it's not soft. It's super structured, stiff, and has a gold-plate that clearly states LV. But :p it's still awesome. It might mean though that I CAN'T get my ocean city, at least not anytime soon. Hence my guilt! To top it all off, I walked by Bottega Veneta today and picked up a gorgy wallet (that's ok right? MUCH more in the Bal aesthetic of understatement and soooooooooooft squishy leather :graucho:).


    ANYHOO. :rolleyes: just had to confess.
  2. Awww.. it's ok to mix & match.. I've actually cheated on BV.. & came over to the Balenciaga thread. :whistle:
  3. Oh i want to know what you bought!!!!
  4. Did you get a hampstead?
  5. Or a mono riveting? Show us! :smile:
  6. wow spylove you're good! :tup: yes I got a Hampstead, the medium size, it'll be perfect for work - and a red BV wallet :heart: - it's kind of a french purse style, dunno what it's's a pic! Can someone please PM me about how to post the pic inside the reply and not as an attachment? TIA.

    I do love them. But *whiiiining* I still want my ocean city!! Need to give myself a reality check! :yes:
  7. put up pictures of both!! :p
  8. :yahoo::yahoo:Congrats! I have ESP, lol! ;)
  9. I like your LV :yes: My bf's Mom has alot of LV's that have that pattern.. I noticed that they have really cool red velvet interior :p lol

    I have an Ocean City. I absolutely ADORE her! The leather is smooth, smooshy, thick and SILKY :drool:

    Here's a pic of her.. maybe you'll decide you still want one, or perhaps she's not for you. Have you seen Ocean IRL?
    o1 copy 2.jpg
  10. LOL, I love reading confessions like these! I cheat on balenciaga a LOT, mostly by going to MJ, LV, or Chloe! I like variety, although I end up back to balenciaga in the end!

    The hampstead and the BV wallet are very nice! I love damier and the red is gorgeous and matches the lining of the bag so nicely!
  11. Bellenuit, I started a poll a week or so ago to see how many b'bag addicts cheated on their bags. Only 15% or so DON'T -- most have LV, Bottega, and so on.

    So don't feel bad, you're in good company!!

    And, dare I say it, I love your new damier!
  12. verty - oh yes, I've been drooling over your beautiful ocean city, it might do me in yet...

    thanks for the compliments couturefemme and KathyK - they're really pretty but I know I will always return to Bal... I'm still relatively new to all this so it was a bit of a shock :blush: heehee
  13. Bellen, they're beautiful pieces.... it looks like the bottom line is: "you like nice things and have good varied taste". Nothing wrong with that:tup:
  14. verty, your ocean city is TDF!!!!!
  15. bellenuit - thank-you! Please post pics of yours if you decide to get one :yes: For now your LV is gorgeous & I'm not usually a LV fan!

    lordguinny - thank-you very much :smile: