eeeeeek!! fake balenciagas!!

  1. Hey, that first one's mine!

    Only kidding. It sh*ts me to see these fakes being sold around retail prices. :censor: criminals!
  2. Wow, I certainly hope that no one purchases those for $850.00 when it probably cost them much less to buy it in the first place! :yucky:
  3. i think the only good thing is that you can tell their fake by the serial number, one ends in 3555 and the other in 3666, and according to ateliernaff, they're supposed to be fake....and she's so right!!

    plus that "bubblegum" pink looks more like watermelon pink ;)
  4. I'm getting so tired of crooks on ebay! Why doesn't ebay ban or enforce more?
  5. not if i BIN her first girlfriend, WATCH-OUT (lol!!!) :biguns:...seriously though, i wish all these liars, cheats & thieves could get banned for life & all be locked up in the J-A-I-L, cause that's where they belong :banned: