EEEEEEEEK, I cannot believe what happened at Coach

  1. I went to the Coach store yesterday for the pre-order for the PCE event. I had 4 gift cards in my possession. The morning before I left for the store, I called the numbers on the back of the cards and marked each card with a magic marker with the exact balance left on the card. The cards in total amounted to about $488.00. I knew what I wanted and ordered a signature medium brown striped makeup case for $68.00 and a 10327 Legacy whiskey flap, which is not the little one, but a smaller Ali type. They gave me a receipt, marked on the receipt to use the gift cards after adding the two items and taking off 25% and then adding the sales tax. I asked them how much I had left on the gift cards. They were very busy and kept my gift cards and told me they would call me today with the balance and I could shop from Sunday on if I wanted anything else. Since I know the store so well, I left the gift cards. I called this morning for the balance and they were very busy. So I called back tonight. The manager said, "Lynn, we tried to get you today but got no answer, but you have no balance, it came out even, you shopped well. This is not possible , even if they lost a card to be even. I hung up and looked at my numbers and their numbers and they are incorrect. They owe me back in credit about 103.00. Now, if they did not save the cards, I am a goner for I am the only one who knows what is on those refund gift cards. I cannot even fathom how a transaction could come out even... even if they possibly lost one of the cards. Now as you girls know, losing a hundred dollars plus another 25% discount is gong to just freak me out. Anyone have any ideas if they tell me that I am wrong , which I am definitely not. I added up the purchases , took off 25% and then added the tax , or rather hubbie did, and they could never come out even, Maybe less or more, but never even. EEEEEEEEK help...please...I thought the computer would swipe the exact amounts, no mistakes and now I must go down there and straighten this out. EEEEEEEEK freak.....out...
  2. wow. last time i used up a gift card, she nearly forgot to give it back (because it still had a balance)- so that really doesn't surprise me.

    can you call back and talk to a manager? it seems REALLY odd that it came out exactly even, kwim?
  3. Oh, Lynn, I'm so sorry. I hope maybe sprinkles can suggest something because I have no clue what you could do. Did you ask them if they tossed the cards? That's the first thing I'd find out.
  4. They said all the paperwork will have to be pulled in the morning because the registers were closed for the night at 9:30 tonight. So , now that I know this, I cannot sleep, lol..I think there was a definite mistake somewhere, but proving it is going to be very hard indeed. SOB.,that could be a little wristlet or a charm or even another small bag with the discount...I think they have to save those cards if I show up tomorrow for the makeup case is still in the store. The bag is in distribution and the event does not start officially until Sunday..It is just when you give up the have no proof...I am never going to pre-shop again..nope...yes, maybe sprinkles can shed some light on this dilemma...thanks!!!!
  5. Do you have the receipts for the gift cards still? They will still have the card number on them and you can call I think. If not your new receipt will have the GC numbers on them.

    They definetly messed up, asked to see a receipt because it WILL show if there was a balance left.
  6. See, sprinkles helped! It'll be OK! Now you can go to bed dreaming of another wristlet or charm or little bag! Right?
  7. :sad: What a sad story. I hope Sprinkles' info helped.
  8. I bought 4 cards in, they were busy. I think they put them away kind of haphazardly with the paperwork. I did leave there with a receipt that said, 378.00 for the 10327 bag in Whiskey, 68.00 for the signature medium makeup case...take 25% off and then use the credit cards towards the purchase. That is all I have in my possession except for my own 3 proven receipts with the credit card numbers that match the magic marker on the cards. Since they still have the makeup case in the store, the manager said she would pull all the paperwork this morning since her register was closed, and you can be sure I will be there. I think they may have dropped one of the four cards, but even then nothing could come out even to the cent of the purchases. I called distribution last night and they already shipped the 10327 whiskey and the store has the makeup case for it was pre-sale and I could not buy further until Sunday. The manager also said I had one more shot to buy everything i wanted for the whole week only one. The real sale does not start until Sunday. I sure hope they have the cards for I did ask for a balance and they did not have time to tell me after taking off the discount. The receipt I have just says "Call Lynn with the balance' tomorrow which was yesterday. . I do shop there alot and when I ordered the pink hip bag and wristlet they used one of the credit cards from Coach and used the sku over the phone. I got a receipt from Jax but none from the store with a balance. Jax sent me a wrapped gift card with 88.95 on the balance of the card. All of the other numbers I have documentation of on these 3 cards. The Naples store which I found and bought my whiskey zip and the whiskey walled sent me a detailed receipt with the balance on the credit cards. I have all three balances and numbers except for the 88.95 and receipt for the hip bag and wristlet posted on my pics that I got at this store. I am so aggravated if they will not honor my claim...I am absolutely positive I am right. How does that happen? Thanks Sprinkles for you help..Lynn
  9. Sprinkles really did help and I am forever grateful, but my receipt does not give the credit card numbers or balance on it. I did keep records though...Thanks for everything!!!!
  10. I talked to the manager last night. She had her register closed and seemed a bit annoyed. You are correct there is no way after I figured all the 4 cards out and called the Jax distribution that it could possibly come out even..they never should have kept the cards but given them back to me to bring back the next day when they were allowed to process them, for I had no proof, who would think of that to not leave the cards and have them mark down the numbers to match mine. after the transactions went through. ACCCCCCK... I told you I would not sleep. Those cards are money.
  11. That's awful Lynn....I hope that it works out for you. Do let us know when you find out!
  12. Wait-The receipts you got WITH the credits should have included the amount of the credit and the number of the credit - I think that was what sprinkles meant. And because it should have the number of the credit they should be able to pull up the info on it. Many stores do this - thats why I always keep my receipt for the gift / merchandise card WITH the card. And then once I've used it - I keep the receipt for that merchandise card with the card - because it always has the remaining balance info on it. So if you had 4 merchandise / gift cards and had the original receipts for those cards - it should have the info they need to pull up your information on them.

    Anyways, I'm sorry this happened to you, but you are right - next time don't leave your cards with them! If they won't process them right then - take your cards and come back!
  13. Wow...I hope you're able to work everything out!!
  14. Wow sorry to hear. That is horrible. I would be pretty.. going mad by now. good luck in getting all of that resolved.

    I say you demand for an extra 10% for all your troubles and time wasted. :yes:
  15. i would want at least 5% off just for pain and suffering! i am so sorry this happened to you and hopefully it all gets worked out.