EEEEEE....getting a present from DH

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  1. My DH is on a business trip and just called me from a Coach boutique. He wanted to know which purse I would like!!!!!! For some reason he is completely hooked on Sabrinas for me. (really not a problem because I love them but I already have 3) So after torturing myself online while he had the SA waiting, I chose the magenta Julianne. This made him happy too because the style is so simular to the Sabrina. He had to order it so I'm sure he'll have it delivered to his office and will harrass me with it. Who knows when I'll get to open it!!! I'm sooooo excited!! I love that color!:yahoo:
    The crazy thing is that I've corrupted him into loving Coach bags too. So ladies....just keep at it! If I can corrupt my VERY THRIFTY husband, you can have a break-through with your's too!:graucho:
  2. Wow, that is awesome! Congrats!
  3. Wow...congrats to you! I wish I could bring my husband to buy me a purse. Please show pics when it arrive.
  4. I love my Julianne! You are going to seriously enjoy her!
  5. Now there's a corruption story to be proud of. Congratulations on your magenta Julianne.
  6. Nice DH! Does he have a brother?? LOL
  7. Awesome! Can't wait till it arrives so that you can enjoy it!
  8. That is so sweet of your DH! Congratulations on your Magenta Julianne when it arrives.
  9. AWESOME!!!!!! You are going to LOVE this bag!!!! It's amazing, I love mine!!! The leather is so lovely and smooshy, and the color is so pretty!!! I remember when I took mine out of the literally took my breath! Congrats!!!!!!!
  10. Totally awesome! Wish I too could get my husband to step foot in a Coach store. LOL
  11. Congrats I will keep working on my DH becuase he hates coach right now lol even when you have extra money he hates it. Congrats can't wait to see the pictures
  12. Congrats!!! I have that same bag too and love it!!

    It's funny some of the SAs have asked if they could "borrow" my husband for a shopping trip sometime, lol! It's nice to see another supportive husband. :tup: Although today I went to the boutique to buy another bag since I couldn't decide on the second one on Friday, and I ended up with RM instead!! He actually voted for RM over Coach!! :upsidedown:
  13. Congrats on having a hubby that will even set foot in the boutiques! I guess mine did one lap with me at the Mall of America location and then went to sit on the bench outside! I think he was just making sure there wasen't anything sooo ugly that he would "veto" it right away!!!

    He still sits in the car at the outlet..but due to your good fortune, I'll keep trying!!! You've inspired me!!! LOL

    Congrats on the Julianne in magenta..she's on my wishlist!

  14. That's awesome, what a sweet DH you have! Can't wait to see pictures of your new bag when you get it!
  15. What a thoughtful husband you have! You are going to love the magenta--it's such a great color. I have the magenta Sabrina and somehow find a way to make her go with almost everything I wear. Congrats and can't wait to see pics of your new bag when she arrives.