eeee i watched bad girls club and

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  1. the crazy drunk girl had the croissant, a noe and a mc speedy!! she was crazy but I loved her bags!! I'm pretty sure they were real because she had a desinger dress that she gave one of the girls.:yahoo:
  2. I miss Ripsi! She should be back on the show. And yes, I was wondering about her bags. The croissant looked a little big to me, but I am sure she has authentic LVs.
  3. What's this show and what station is it aired on? I would love to see LV on tv.
  4. yeah....what show is this?
  5. That is too funny....I never watch that show but my parents had it on thier TV when I went for a visit (I'm sure they were watching something else before that show came on and then we got sucked into watching it) and I saw all the LV's!! She had the white M/C speedy and I thought she was going to throw it down the stairs when she was throwing her luggage down the stairs! That girl needs some serious help! I don't know if it was all for the cameras or what but just bad!!
  6. yeah I love this show! I'm glad I wasnt in that house when she attacked everyone, I would have punched her in the face! geez she has an alcohol problem! I can't believe how much she drinks :sad:
  7. The show is on Oxygen on Tuesday nights at 10pm. But they'll re-air it about a million times a week so keep an eye out. I still want drunk old Ripsi back, though.
  8. i love it! my husband even gets sucked into it lol
  9. lol, Ripsi is soo tiny though, maybe that's why croissant looked a bit big on her, she is such a firey character.....yes, i do feel bad for her luggage when she let them rolled down the stairs....>"<
  10. i was praying she wouldnt throw that gorgeous speedy down the stairs lol!
  11. I Thought I Was The Only One Who Watched That Show. Lol. I Can't Believe If All That Lv Was Real She Just Gave It Out Like It Was Nothing. She Must Be Nuts.
  12. may be it's out of 'hangover' and 'guilt', i mean after realize all the horrible things she did last night, perhaps she's being extra nice to make up the karma?
  13. I don't know but omg she was out of control. She had no reason to even do that. NO one did anything to her. I dont get the 4 shots at 9 am though? I understand the point of a bloody mary, that does help a hangover but not drinking 4-5 shots of tequila!! thats stupid
  14. Ripsi clearly has a drinking problem. But her LV bags were awesome. I also have the MC Speedy and it is gorgeous inside and out!
  15. omg hehe i loveeee ripsi, zara, leslie(sp?) and aimee. there my favs. :heart: