eee won a mac brush on ebay had 100% fb >>

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  1. I just checked his feedback and in the past day he's got 2 negatives saying his brushes are fake and that he ignores emails and doesn't refund money. Should I still go through with it?
    Can he file a no pay thing? Dunno what to do :sad:
  2. Don't pay for it! And send him an e-mail saying you are not paying because the brush is a fake. If he complains to eBay they will take a look at the 2 negs and side with you.
  3. This might be a pain, but you could call MAC customer service and ask them about the brush. And depending on what they say, you could file a complaint or not pay accordingly. You can use that as your argument, that you spoke to MAC and they told you the brush was not one of theirs.

    I think that you should report this seller to eBay. However, I am not sure how much good that would do unless the people that left the negative comments contacted eBay too.

    Good Luck!
  4. Okay thanks girls :smile: I guess I'll just mail him and let him know I won't be paying because of his recent negative feedback. lol, we'll see :sad:
  5. Crazy ppl! They even make fake stuff for MAC brushes? OMG :wtf:

  6. that is what i was thinking!!!! :wtf:
  7. exactly!!:wtf:
  8. Yeah they can, I mean MAC brushes here are ~12-£40
    so there is money to be made :sad:
    Which is realyl crap because its just mean. But yeah, I checked on a makeup forum I go to, and the seller had been checked and his brushes are definitely fakes :sad:
  9. I know price of MAC cosmetics & the tools, lol. I'm using the lipgloss but those fakers make me :wtf: they even make fake for brush, I mean they take care till the small make up tools :wtf:
  10. Aw, how horrible. Have you heard back from your seller yet? Keeping everything (except eyes! :weird: ) crossed for you that it is easy to escape this wretched transaction.
  11. Yes, nowadays, they fake everything..! :rolleyes:

    I would not pay and will contact the seller to inform him that I know his brushes are fake. I'd rather risk getting a neg than a fake brush! God knows what they use to make that brush. Lol... :p

    I'm still an ebay newbie but is there a thing as mutually agree not to proceed with the auction or something like that? Not sure if he still has to pay the listing fees though.
  12. you have had so much crap going on lately you poor kid! what makes them fake? who would or could fake a brush? put the mac nam on a no name brush? what is teh point?
  13. Hi, okay, I am today new to this forum, but can you check (compare) the brush and the number and compare to the ones on the MAC website?