eeboston's Goodies

  1. Hi Everyone! I've acquired quite a few new bags in the last couple months and was photographing them all for insurance purposes, so I figured I would finally post them all in here as well!

    The whole collection:

    Kristen's wedding 071.jpg

    Tod's Mikey, Chanel Baby Cabas, Balenciaga Vert Gazon GH City:

    Kristen's wedding 074.jpg

    Hayden Harnett Luca, Kate Spade suede sydney:

    Kristen's wedding 075.jpg

    MJ yellow sophie, mouse stam hobo, fuschia karolina:

    Kristen's wedding 078.jpg

    Fendi Baguettes, Prada Nylon pochettes, Chloe mini paddy:

    Kristen's wedding 079.jpg
  2. Love that Balenciaga! Thanks for sharing.
  3. Love your silver LV
  4. Here's some more close-ups:

    The guccis (missing 2 pochettes that my cute but very naughty puppy chewed the straps off of that are being fixed!):

    Kristen's wedding 083.jpg

    LE LVs- mirroir lockit, rivet pochette, fuschia perfo pochette, damier sophie:

    Kristen's wedding 085.jpg

    LV pochette group shot:

    Kristen's wedding 086.jpg :

    Marshmellow 4-key holder, white MC 4-key holder, azur cles:

    Kristen's wedding 090.jpg

    The speedies- L to R- ivoire epi, mono 25, mini HL, azur 25, mini lin ebene, damier ribeira MM:
    Kristen's wedding 091.jpg
  5. Nice collection! I love your speedy family!
  6. gorgeous collection, so many lovely pieces.
  7. I am so in love with your green Bbag. The color is so vibrant and bold. Eventually I would love to have a bag like that in my collection.
  8. wow I like your LV collection, especially love Damier sophie
  9. Love your LV collection.
  10. Adorable Chloe. Thanks for sharing.
  11. OMG all the Pochettes!! :drool: and the Speedies!!!
  12. Very nice, well rounded collection!
  13. What wonderful colors! I have the vert twiggy, love that color :tup:
  14. Great that bbag, and your green epi pochette!
  15. Love the speedies and stam!