Edz's microscopic colection

  1. Here's my contribution to the forum. I started my Louis collection in November 2006:

    Monogram Carryall, Damier Speedy 25, Onatah Suede Moka PM, Epi Myrtille Soufflot, Azur Small Agenda, Groom Cles, Charm/Chain Cles, Damier Mini Pochette & Vernis Pomme d'amour Envelope Plate.
    IMG_3011.jpg IMG_2961.jpg IMG_3217.jpg IMG_3307.jpg pomme envelope plate 2.jpg
  2. Great collection! Thanks for sharing!
  3. Joli !
    thanks for sharing , the pomme d'amour enveloppe is cute !
    a good idea for my next wishes ...
  4. What a beautiful collection! I love that last wristlet!!! Congratulations and thanks for sharing!!!
  5. Very nice collection. You look like a model wearing them. I love that Pomme d'amour color. Thanks for letting us admire!
  6. Awesome collection... I'm loving that Charms Cles... :drool:
  7. Luvs it!!!
  8. cute collection!
  9. Lovely collection :smile: thanks for sharing!
  10. Lovely! Like the picture of the "traveling" Damier speedy LOL
  11. Great collection! Love the Soufflot!
  12. love your collection
  13. Aaaww... You are so sweet. I think it's better to model them rather than having a photo of just bags which could be taken anywhere (catalogue, store??). It also gives the idea of use and size.
  14. LOL! I travel quite a bit to places most ladies won't go!
  15. Another "travelling" Louis... My Damier Mini Pochette.
    mini poch on bike.jpg