edun jeans

  1. does anyone have edun jeans? how do you like them?
  2. Edun Jeans are what I have searched my whole life for. These are the best fitting jeans for my body type. I am so glad that I found these! The style and cut of the jean is what I have wished would come out for years. They use different types of denim and they are all incredible. Very high quality! I play guitar and sing in a rock band so my appearance is really important to my audience. I feel these Edun jeans compliment my style and look. I always get compliments from people and they ask me where I bought them. I don't work for this company. I just really love these jeans! I am a real person and you can see my band's page here:
  3. I just bought an Edun skirt from Off Saks--I think the Dreamweaver?
    I haven't worn it yet but I was looking fr a good denim skirt and I think I found it! I'm intrigued by the brand's story--taken from "EDUN is the brainchild of U2's Bono, his wife, Ali Hewson, and Rogan Gregory, a designer who emphasizes organic fabrics and ethical guidelines. Conceived as an alternative approach to creating beautiful clothes in a respectful manner, EDUN is a marriage of social activism and aesthetic innovation. EDUN's goal is to build a business while creating sustainable employment in developing areas of the world such as South America and Africa. In order to achieve the brand's design and social goals, the team sought out factories that represent the "gold standard" in skill and labor practices. These long-term relationships provide the foundation on which to build the brand and grow the communities in which EDUN works."
  4. I am reviving this thread!
    I just got a pair of EDUN jeans and love it! The fit is amazing :biggrin: