Education/Career dilema...

  1. Hey guys! Well, it's time for me to choose which classes I want to start taking at college and im having a hard time deciding what I want to major in. I thought I had wanted to be a high school history teacher but now i'm not so sure. I always wanted to work in Human Resources but i'm not too sure on that either. My heart is set on helping others out (kind of like social services) but I know that doesnt always pay well and if I want to move my family back out to Southern California i'm going to need a good paying job.

    Any ideas or help would be so appreciated. I feel like im wasting so much time trying to decide on what to major in but I dont want to study and be unhappy.

  2. Most colleges have a General Education requirement for undergrads, which are a variety of courses covering a broad range of curriculum. If you are unsure, try to take a gen ed in each area... maybe a business class and a history class? Look at the required courses and requirements for each major as well, there might be something that totally turns you off from one. Don't focus on what you think your salary may be after you graduate, because who really knows what job you'll get at this point. Also, talk to an advisor, maybe you can even double major if it is planned successfully. I fell in love with one of my gen ed subjects, it was always an interest but nothing I had ever considered in majoring just go in with an open mind and don't stress out about choosing right this very minute.
  3. Thanks Blue!! :-]]
  4. If you are just starting out you can just take a lot of your classes that are required for all majors (English, math, science, etc.) and take your time to figure out what you want to do. A lot of people change their majors. I changed mine probably 5 times throughout college. Even then, often people don't even work in the field they majored in.
  5. Don't stress! At my college, you have to take 60 hours of core course requirements, and these classes will REALLY let you see what you like/don't like.

    I started out biology/pre-med, then added on pre-business, then switched biology for fashion merchandising...and now I'm marketing and psychology. I didn't lose any time, and I'm still on track for graduation in 4 years. You'll figure it out soon!