Educating DH

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  1. Anyone have instructive lessons re: *educating* a DH one why one would want to make a purchase as substantive as an H bag?

    DH *gets* jewelry from Cartier. DH *gets* ties from Charvet. DH even *gets* expensive shoes. He doesn't really get Hermès bags, or handbags over $1,000 in general.

    Admittedly, Hermès is in the stratosphere when it comes to price and exclusivity, but I feel like he is missing something about the qualities that draw me to Hermès like a tractor beam-- the quality, the gorgeous range of color, the simplicity and the timelessness. I think he just sees it as a degree of brand recognition that allows them to charge a large amount of money. And nothing more. In his mind, it's a silly spend.

    He's humoring my semi-newfound enthusiasm for the moment. . . but I think he is privately scratching/shaking his head.
  2. Hi Maniac Mollie--

    My husband doesn't get it either but he's acutally tolerating my Hermes obsession more than he did my LV obsession. I think what is working in my favor is that he loves color and since my Hermes obsession I've started to wear a lot of it (I only used to wear brown and black but now I wear, OMG, ORANGE!! lol).

    Also, for Xmas I got him everything in the Terre de Hermes line. One of the things was their aftershave. The other night he came into the room and said that Hermes was nothing like Gillette (LOL!) and I said, "What?" and he told me to feel his face. He now gets the whole quality thing.

    Anyway, wishing you luck on getting your hubby to the Orange side. I am planning on getting DH an orange tie for Valentine's Day. Hope it helps to bring him all the way over.
  3. maniacalmollie, this is a job for Superman "AKA petpringles". He is one DH that not only gets it but has become an expert in helping mrs. petpringles acquire alot of beautiful Hermes goodies. He is a much loved member of this fun group. We have wanted him to do a course on "How to make your wife very happy and buy her lots of Hermes". He once referred to it as a lobotomy.
  4. My DH ignores my Hermes addiction. He will never be on the orange side and is unaware that he has Hermes ties.:yes:
  5. hahaha maniacalmollie! your dh sounds like mine! he doesn't think there is anything wrong with spending thousands on brioni coats or loro piana pants or john lobb shoes, but he doesn't get why a bag has to cost thousands too! --- this is what i did, i don't know if it will work for you --- i showed him all my bags, started with the first coach he gave me a decade ago and made my way up the different brands of bags i have right now, ending in chanel --- then, brought him to the hermes store, and showed him and forced him to touch and inspect the bag --- after that afternoon, he was sold! now he's like, why did you "waste" all that money in all the other bags?. so the good news is that he's all 100% behind hermes bags, but now i'm scared that if i fall in love with a non-hermes bag, he'll tell me that its not as good as hermes....oh well! i'll cross that bridge when i get there....good luck on your DH!
  6. ^^hear hear re: mr petpringles!! I don't think my DH will ever come to terms with the cost of Hermes, but he likes that he has worked hard so that we can afford to even consider things like Hermes. It's hard to convince a guy that we need to spend this much on a purse, and not on just one but many purses! I think the argument of "quality rather than quantity (of other IT bags)" is the best route to go, and if you have any daughters, use the "I will pass it down to her in 20 years so you don't have to buy her a birkin too!" argument too. Good luck!
  7. That's not necessarily a BAD problem to have:P
  8. Good question Mollie...luckily my DH competely gets Hermes scarves, rings and their scents also. He also totally gets the concept of Hermes bags being the top of the he was introduced to the brand by me back a number of years ago in las vegas when we visited the store at Bellagio and a wonderful SA showed us a number of bags that they had in stock even after I'd warned we weren't buying just looking...He (and I) were blown away by probably first off how friendly the SA there was as we were shown their lovely inventory. :faint: I remember the Kelly leaving me breathless....kinda like a top of the line golf club would enthrall him. :wlae: I explained that this was the Bentley of bags, kind of like a Masterati one would wear on their arm. That being said...I'm the holdout on the big bag buy. :sweatdrop:He's treated me to several LV's. He understands quality verus quantity. I understand budget better than him...He'd try to finance the Empire state building if he thought it would make me happy. I think your DH is well on his way...if he can understand a 1k bag...a 5K or 10k isn't that far behind. Wondering though if he isn't just totally humoring me sometimes when I sit here and drool over Birkins and show him the latest reveals. Possibly he is just thanking his lucky stars...that I'm the realist here and he knows I'm not about to give up my beloved bag collection (mostly LV) I've accumulated over the years to trade up to the Birkin fantasy. ;)...I think he knows me too well. Good luck with your Dh...just let he get used to the idea... of your "new love"...:idea:
  9. :yes: i agree! but i see the signs....lately, he happened to look into my bag shelves and proclaimed -- if you sell all these lv, ysl, diors, chanels --- you can probably get yourself more hermes bags, you should just sell all of these! --- :noggin: --- i told him to stay away from my bags, they're all special!!!...i should really put a lock in that closet!
  10. Has he set foot in an Hermès store? That was all it took for me. Entering any of their stores makes me want just about everything in it, and entering one of the larger ones (FSH, Madison Avenue, Beverly Hills) really overwhelms the senses.

    If he likes Charvet ties, maybe give him a nice Hermès one? One of the heavy silks would probably be the best choice. I saw this one:



    in the most recent tie catalog and had to have it. My pix do not do the colors justice.

    It might also help to mention that whereas men's leather goods typically will not last a lifetime (though good wallets tend to last a decade or more), the fact that there is a vibrant market place for 20- and 30-year-old Hermès bags does seem to testify that it's of a classic style and has a very long life.

    Of course, the above only helps you to explain why you should get your FIRST Hermès bag -- if you plan on building a collection to rival some of the others I've seen in this forum, well, you can make those rationalizations when the time comes. :smile:

    Btw, the Nieman Marcus website has some Charvet ties on sale. Usually $185, now $120. If you can persuade him to buy, say 100 of those, your purse will have paid for itself!

    And besides, even if he doesn't "get it" if he's willing to let YOU get it, isn't that enough? Show enough joy in that acquisition and I'm sure he'll come around.

    Good luck!
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    Dear ladies, men are put here on earth NOT to understand but to just open their wallet and shut up

    Forget the "enlightenment" on H, they'd rather watch the Knicks

    PS.maniacalmollie this is the first time Charvet is mentioned, I :heart::heart::heart: their shirts
  12. I can relate! Dh stopped complaining. He got used to it.
  13. tnw...I almost choked on my coffee upon reading this! LOL!

    maniacalmollie...we all have to say that you are right...the timelessness, exclusivity, the quality and regality (of sorts) that Hermes affords are all the attractions and the stratospheric price range is just plain understandably "ungraspable" in people mind let alone the wallet-wise!

    But as a husband, the ability to make Mrs. P happy, the ability to procure and hunt and provide makes me feel great but that extra spring and sexiness and confidence on her step when she's using H is priceless. As crazy as it sounds, I enjoy watching her use/wear all of H...(my sickly way of getting the most bang for my major bucks)!

    The real trick (and this is NO easy feat) is to share the love for quality and exclusivity and timelessness and things should go your way. The lobotomy is too painful and dangerous...but Mrs. P was willing to have me go through the pain...I made it easy for her (and me) by just plain surrendering up! LOL!

    Good luck! Other females in this group have suggested a more creative sexual pleasing techniques that actually work...personally speaking it does... LOL! Please don't turn a blind eye on this methodology too as it is also a true and tried technique! What ever works!!!

    We hope that you will be posting a reveal soon miacalmollie!:tup:

    I am sure you are not the only one in this predicament! Good luck!

  14. OMG...I just told Mrs. P this last makes sense to me as we are running out of storage areas, these bags are not being used (she's used all H since discovering it), she'll get more H bags...she looked at me as it I was crazy!
  15. Hmmmmm.....I had to appeal to his macho side. I sighed and told him how Hermes doesn't just sell Birkins to anyone, you have to be a VIC and I told him that even then they were really hard to get and that did it. "Give me the name of you SA" he said, "I will get one for you." He does like to be the hero. :smooch: Now I have yet to see the bag, and I don't have the heart to tell him I have one on order, but all in all by the time it comes in, he will think it is his idea and he will be very proud. The only problem is, what do I say for the second one? :confused1: