Educate yourself about where your Diamonds are coming from

  1. A bit political, but I thought we as the consumers of the largest and most powerful nation in the world should care.

    The black market for the diamond industry has the blood of many african people. Yes, women and children.

    So educate yourself about where your diamond is coming from.

    I know I won't be buying diamonds anymore.

    Here's a great website to learn a bit about what's happening outside our paradise here in the usa.
  2. I know that Bvgari is certifing their diamond as conflict free...but most others are hard to trace the origins of....

    This is a terrible does make me want to quit buying diamonds all together......
  3. i just want to say Canadian diamonds are a great conflict-free alternative
  4. Important topic but since when are all tPF members part of the same nation? :hrmm: There are people here from all over the world!!
  5. Its a hard one, I have diamonds items from years ago, I think its good to know what is happening around the world, but I must admit, if given a diamond ring, I cannot give it back! Well I can, but I love bling!Lol!
    Why is it that everything "good" costs so much more? I think that by posting the article is a good step to educating people. This issue is so complex and it can be related to almost everything we own. Thanks for posting it though!