educate me please~

  1. When did the white leather trim/ blue denim signature Legacy bag come out?
    Did it also come with the shoulder bag and framed French wallet? Do you still see it in the store/outlet? TIA
  2. This is the bag that I like. How much was it? BTW anyone has this collection???

  3. That was the Resort Collection, and it was in stores in December, I think. It was in stores here (Vancouver) until maybe a month ago. It came with a large tote with rope handles and scarves tied on either end, an Ali, a shoulder bag, French purse, top handle pouch, and "wedge wristlet". I think that bag you like was actually the wristlet. The style number was 40313 and it retailed for $168, measurements were 5"L x 4"H x 2"W. I've got the catalogue that all that stuff was in.
  4. The resort tote is still on Coach's website. It's $698.


    I'm not a denim bag kind of girl, but I love the style of this bag. I just wish it came in a different color. (And a little cheaper)
  5. My mom would love that line! She is a denim collector. I think it is cute but a but pricey.
  6. it is pricey, but its a VERY cute line. much better looking in person too.
  7. If anyone really likes the denim with white leather but can't find anything from the Resort Collection, the duffle comes in denim/white. It comes in both the small ($228) and medium ($278) sizes. I bought one a while ago but decided it didn't go very well with my wardrobe so I exchanged it for the khaki/camel version. But I still really like it. It would be a great summer bag!

    denim duffle.JPG
  8. the weekend tote was at the dawsonville outlet last time i was there...
  9. Thanks for your information! I just bought a pair of flat in this line. :love: