Educate me, please!

  1. I've been lurking on here more and more lately and am starting to really get into LV! I've purchased a few random items over the past few months, but am I'm slightly confused about what lines/patterns/styles are seasonal vs limited edition vs part of the long-term stock. Can someone help, please? You all know so much about this stuff and I'd like to get up to speed!

    Specifically, which lines are permanent? Mono, Daimer, Daimer Azur, and....? What about Multicolore, Denim, Mini Lin, Vernis...? What about the Dentelle and the new Cruise line? Is that permanent, or will it only be available for a limited period? What about Mirage? Also, how many limited edition/seasonal lines are introduced in a year? Ahhh! I am so confused! :wtf:
  2. Dear trinaglecat,

    Glad you are becoming hooked on LV!!!!!

    I suggest you check out the reference threads. They are extremely informative and should answer all your questions.

    Good luck and enjoy!
  3. The basics

    Monogram & Damier - permanent classic collection
    Epi & Vernis - permanent collection but new colours are released around once a year (it varies no rule) these colours are available for about 6 months (season) if it very popular it will be extended (example pomme)
    MC - Originally Limited edition now permanent
    Damier Azur - permanent
    Denim- permanent but sometimes colours are seasonal example fuschia & lichen

    Limited Edition / Seaonal
    How many per year depends on collection but there were lots this year keep your eye on the refrence section and have a look around in there to find out more

    hope that helps