Educate me on the Garden Party please

  1. I always read about Garden Party talk, but I really am out of the loop. Can you all chime in and give me some lessons. Nathans new Garden Party was a real beauty and I would love to know more about the bag.

    What options can you get for the exterior?
    Are there limited leather choices?
    Are there better choices than others for this type of bag? (what is recommended)
    What about the interior of the bag? Again, options?
    Sizes of GP? (I am aware of the codes for sizes, but have no clue)
    Costs of sizes?
    Are GP hard to come by?

    Anything you can share would be lovely.
  2. Sorry, but no takers on my post yet and needed to bump it up.
  3. :biggrin: I love the GP!!! OK, to answer what little I know. The GP comes in canvas (colors like tan, orange, brown, black, red) w/ water buffalo (I think) or leather. The leather ones are GP Twillys and are lined with silk and have a twilly tied on the handle. The one I'm in love with is the one Nathansgirl has. :heart: I think it only comes in one leather? The sizes range from TTPM up to really big. :lol: The TPM in leather is about $2000. I am always looking for the GP Twilly but they never have them at the SF store but they can get them overnighted from a store that has them. I don't think they are really hard to come by in that every time I ask about them they can usually get what you're looking for. Now I just need the $$$. :lol:
  4. so, ttpm is smaller than tpm...right? Help me here. TPM is $2000...what would the dimensions be on that bag?
  5. All I know is that a pm is 35cm...
    I've seen the ttpm Twilly GP and it's about 25-28cm as I recall.
  6. GP is pretty small. My SA said all-leather GP (GP Twilly) comes in TWO sizes. Small one is really really small. My 4 years old daughter hold it and looked perfect size for her (it looked like holding Birkin 30cm with an adult, proportionally). Even bigger one is not that much bigger than the smaller one. But bigger one has more space than the smaller one definetly-but not by much more. GP is about $2000.
  7. Yes - there is a teeny weeny one! We joked about getting one for my daughter, too....until I saw the price....teeny weeny doesn't equal cheap!!

    There were green ones at my boutique this week....also shoulder ones (I think it's the PM size with londer straps????).
  8. To add to what everyone else said. The TPM comes with the shoulder straps. The leather on the fabric/leather combos is water buffalo. Sizes (in widths) are TPM=31cm, PM=35cm, MM=44cm, GM=50cm. They start at $1200 for the smallest fabric/leather combo.
  9. All of the above helped me out and I appreciate it...anyone else have more to add feel free
  10. There's also a Garden Party File, a taller version.
  11. Well I guess chiming in I will just repeat what has already been said. The size listed on my receipt for the bag says ttpm. I don't have the exact dimensions, but as I said it is pretty small. Maybe about the size of the mini kelly. It holds my cell phone, my wallet which is long and about the size of the bearn bi fold. And it also holds my lipgloss. Its big enough to use when I am on the go and don't need to carry much.

    The price on the tag was $1,825.00 so with tax, depending on where you are, it will be around $2,000.00 . The material is calfskin and it feels WONDERFUL. It feels even better than the leather on my Marc Jacobs bag which is also calfskin. I like all the garden party bags, but this one is definitely my favorite. From what I understand it is not hard to get, although, as I said before, I got the last one they had in the D.C. store. Atlanta tends to have them pretty regularly and I saw one in Vegas when I went in May.
  12. nathansgirl, I tried on your bag last time at Hermes. It's like BUTTER! That wee size is soo cute, too!