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  1. No not Edna Birch from Emmerdale lol :biggrin:

    Really liking the look of this bag, and the leather looks beautiful, has anybody seen it irl yet. I love that the charm chain can be taken off to use as a necklace too!

    Got the Mulberry latest catalogue through today - gosh I want everything! :biggrin: :P
  2. i like this one to, i went to london today and looking in a few mulberrys but they didnt have any!?
    i really want to see on in the flesh!
  3. I thought it looked really nice in the a/w preview pics, although was not sure about the chain strap (for me anyway). Would love to see one irl though.
  4. I quite like the look of the Edna too Chloe. What other ones did you like?
  5. I like the look of it too, the necklace/ chain part is so cute! X
  6. I'm with Anna - not too keen on chain straps
  7. or me all the chains and stuff puts me off most of the new ranges
  8. At least we are safe from Chanel lust
  9. I love the edna too, the large one looks fab on the modelling shots.
  10. I think if the chain was just left hanging down it would look quite pretty, its nice that they can atleast be taken off :smile:
  11. Oh the ostrich Margaret was beautiful, and I am really loving the leopard plaque Lily in the calfhair - they had it in Harrods last weekend and it was absolutely lovely x Also that anthracite python Lily - wow! what a price to match tho :P

  12. I saw the calfhair Lily in westfields the other day and wow I really loved it. The only thing that put me off (apart from the price) was the floppiness of it.

    I'm looking forward to seeing the Greta small tote, I think it looks so cute, but I don't know if i dare take the plunge and buy a lambskin bag :nuts:
  13. yes i saw the python lily and had the same reaction, gorgeous gorgeous bag. but sooo expensive!
    i also liked the ostrich lily but again way to expensive! have you seen the dark powder sparkle lilly!? i loved it!
  14. ooh! The Edna is definitely gorgeous! I didn't realise that the chain doubles up as a necklace! Extra bonus!

    p.s. I love Edna Birch too! Such a funny woman! :P
  15. I've not seen the Ednas irl. The ones I've looked at online were £850 I think for the drawstring or the shoulder styles. They both look nice but maybe the drawstring one looks more expensive, iykwim. They do seem pretty expensive though when compared to some of the other styles. I guess it all depends on how much use you would get from it. Xx