Edna, is this your weekender up for auction?

  1. ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh that's nice :drool:
  2. Eeep! That's definitely not my Weekender up for auction. I gave mine to my mom!

    Thanks for alerting me to it, aaallabama. I just reported it. I wonder how they got those pictures. I thought I watermarked them! :hysteric:I don't know if eBay will do anything about it though, since she didn't copy them from one of my eBay auctions, but rather she stole them from somewhere else.
  3. OMG!!! That's awful- they better pull this!
  4. yikes, i knew it didn't look like one of your auctions :sad:...and i knew you didn't live in canada either :Push:...she must have stolen them from TPF, unless you posted them somewhere else...i remember them well & the ones i saw weren't watermarked...but on a more serious note, i'm so sad you gave your weekender away (although it was really sweet to give it to your mom) :girlsigh:...you were the one who inspired me to get my ink...what other short girls can i look to for inspiration now (?) :shrugs:
  5. :cursing: Once again I cannot believe that Ebay allows this fraud to go on and on and on. :cursing:
  6. :sweatdrop: Wow, I am so glad I read this thread, I almost bid on it! Yikes!:sweatdrop: :sweatdrop:
  7. ^^ phew is right, 'cause it's probably a scam :Push:
  8. lov2shop, thank goodness you didn't bid!

    I think she stole them from my photobucket account or something. I will promptly take those down! Anyhow, not to worry, aaallabama! I'm planning on getting a Weekender when the S/S 07 collection comes out...if funds will allow it. :lol: In the mean time, I think Esile is a fellow shortie with a weekender. (?) :yes:
  9. Oh dear, that's really scarry another reason why I don't trust ebay, things have gotten worse and worse!
  10. Unbelievable! My mom emailed the seller about this bag and asked for more pictures and here is what she said:

    i took these pics myself and cpoied them from my email and pasted them to this posting, if u doubt it then dont bid. thanks
    :confused1: whatever that means...:wtf:
  11. It's still up! I can't believe it. :o(
  12. this is a scam, :confused1: or maybe somebody selling a fake, it's so dificult to trust ebay this days, i only try to bid in the pfer auctions or sellers i already know!
  13. Neither can I. I showed it to my Mom because she is bad about trusting Ebay sellers. So she asked for more pictures and got that response. So the seller *took them herself*...tsk tsk :cursing: I am so annoyed with these sellers of fakes that prey on people and Ebay just looks the other way. :wtf:

  14. ^^ ugh, i hate liars & scammers