Editors Closet: online sale on now

  1. This sale is happening now. I am not sure if you need to be invited. if so Pm me and I will send you invite. Deener cool jeans and tops http://editorscloset.com/index.php
  2. Thanks! I love the smoker jean but I'm on ban right now :sad:
  3. May I have an invite? I can't PM you for some reason
  4. oh wait, no invite needed, just click 'join the sale'
    do you know if it fits TTS?
  5. btw- do you know how long the sale lasts?
  6. I feel really stupid but I am having a problem adding the email addresses or my contacts; when I figure it out you will get an invite or I will tell you how hopeless I am.Sorry for the delay
  7. thank you!!! :choochoo: