Editors Closet BA&SH sale starts now - 2 bags for sale

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  1. I like the second one a lot, but wish they gave more info on it!
  2. xx
  3. xx:
  4. x
  5. Got one :smile: thanks!!
  6. x
  7. x
  8. thanks, they have tons of cute stuff
  9. I would love to invite everyone but I don't think I'm allowed too under the forum rules cause they give me a $10 credit for each referral. I'm sorry I wish I could!
  10. Then why bother posting it if it ?. Good grief.
  11. Don't be nasty...
    Sometimes websites like this have open call sort of things where you can get in w/o a referral, so it's good to know the web address so you can check it in the future, or do a web search and find another way to get in.
  12. Just sign up without a referring email - they put you on the waiting list. I was admitted within minutes without a referral!
  13. :tdown:

    hey guys, we DO NOT allow people to refer people here.
    Please do not ask to be invited in this thread or in PMs.
    Referral links/affiliate links have never been allowed here.
  14. It worked for me as well:tup: