Editorial Zoe Update

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  1. I got to check out the lookbook with the new pages and the Editorial Zoe is coming in a lot of different leathers and colors - I can't wait to try one on next week:

    Regular Leather - Black or Brown
    Braided Zoe - Grey and I swear I saw other colors, but I don't remember what they were.
    Patent - Crimson
    Woven Zoe - only one color (pics have been posted of this amazing bag)
    Suede in Flint and Gunmetal - both of those colors look gorgeous and it's the same price as the regular leather Zoe which is nice!
  2. I still can't justify the price tag.
  3. who ever have the pics.. pls post here. i wanna see new ZOE:wondering
  4. I own the Braided Editorial Suede Zoe & I LOVE IT TO PIECES.
    They where own Limited Edition so if you got one consider your self lucky, I get peaopl asking m where I found it very often
  5. This is good news indeed! I bought the fawn patent editorial Zoe because I needed a really big tote to carry books and papers around campus (and a water bottle, and a pencil case, and an agenda, and a bazillion other things). The bag truly holds everything, and is comfortable to carry. I used it for a plane trip and it was perfect. The fawn is great for spring/summer but I look forward to seeing what colour the brown leather will be.
  6. Sweet, flint for fall for me!!!
  7. FYI, this is an old post, many of the colors listed have already been and gone to the boutique and outlets.
  8. Thanks for picking up on that. Sigh . . . I'll have to hope that new ones come out for this fall!
  9. Just checked in with my SA (bought the OpArt Ponytail scarf - so cute!) - she said she's "heard" that the Editorial XL Zoe will be coming in Chocolate Brown this fall (but might arrive as early as July).

  10. holy smokes! that would be grand!! i will start saving my pennies now!!!