editorial zoe : black or chocolate????

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black or chocolate editorial zoe? which do you prefer?

  1. black leather editorial zoe

  2. chocolate brown leather editorial zoe

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. ok, when i need an opinion, who do i turn to???? fellow coachies of course! what is the consensus out there???
  2. I can't vote because I love both equally. It depends if you are looking for/you use more black or brown bags!
  3. My vote goes to Chololate one. IMO:biggrin:
  4. I voted chocolate, simply because I think the Zoe leather is so rich in chocolate. I say get that one!!!
  5. I voted black! The chocolate is pretty but I love it in black!
  6. I have to admit I love the chocolate over the black because the brass hardware looks better on chocolate. But I wear alot more black especially with my coats and shoes so choose the black when I purchased mt XL Zoe
  7. I vote black (obviously from my avi)... But that's because I never wear browns - usually black/grey tones, and black goes with everything. If you wear browns, the chocolate is a showstopper too! And the lining is TDF!

    Good luck deciding!
  8. Black!!!!!!
  9. black
  10. chocolate!!! I just picked one up tonight over the black. It is awesome!
  11. I saw both and the chocolate brown was my choice.
  12. Stay strong....the chocolate is to die for.
  13. Both ;)
  14. Somebody tell me how to stop buying Coach bags.....I'm waiting on the Madison Julianne in Lilac to hit the outlet stores. Somebody help me!!!
  15. chocolate!