Editing Posts?

  1. I know we can edit our posts within a set time frame.. but wouldn't it be nice to be able to edit our own posts... period?

    Or at the very least, if I started a thread like say.. "A so-and-so handbag/etc club!".. if the thread starter could edit the original post only?

    Or setting up a meet, and new members have to sift through pages of stuff to find the date, location, etc details or whatnot..

    i would think it to be a PITA for any mod to keep editing posts whether it's a lot or far and few, but still it's there.

    IMO, and at the very least, the original poster/thread starter should be able to edit the first post to add on information/lists/etc.. just my .02:cool: :cool:
  2. I'm with you on this. I think it would benifical for the purse showcasing. When someone buys a new bag they could easily add it to the first post.