editing my forum ID

  1. Hi! Silly question here...but is there a way to slightly alter my forum ID? I would like it to be MandM with capital M letter -- as in M and M, since those are my initials. the way it is now "mandm" looks a little like "man" or "madam"...not what I intended.

    Anyway, it's a frivolous concern but thought I'd ask:smile:
  2. hmm. maybe you could PM Vlad or Megs about that...
  3. done
  4. youre pretty awesome Vlad...
  5. thaaaanks :shame:
  6. Thanks Vlad!!! You guys are like behind-the-scenes magicians or something:smile: Awesome.
  7. We have a magical wand... and we pull bunnies out of super chic and glamorous hangbags!
  8. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: !