Editing an original post

  1. We gals are working on reference material for fellow Pf-ers to use. I am working on building an accurate Date Code list. I originally posted a list of what has been compiled so far and I have confirmed updates to add.
    My question
    Is there anyway to update the original post so all the information is contained on that one post or will someone wanting to use this material have to scroll through pages upon pages to find the most recent update.

    Thanks- :flowers:
  2. You will have to contact a mod to do so. You have a time period of a few minutes after making a post to edit it :yes: But we would be happy to help!!

  3. Thank you- Thank you..
    by the way... cute doggie pic.. an OS Alumni?
  4. Yes I sure am!! Vlad and I are both proud graduates of THE Ohio State University!!!!

    anytime you need to edit a title, let me know!