Ediths: Which colour is best?

  1. Hi! Which of these Edith colour do you like the best from this selection of four? (I'm not certain of the names of the dark ones though, can anyone help?)

    I LOVE them all. But I'm leaning towards the lightest-coloured one. :heart:
    edith1.jpg edith2.jpg
  2. the best colour by FAR is the whiskey.....
  3. The Edith is a great bag. Having become the Edith fan that I am, I have 3 regular Edith satchels, Whiskey, Black and Mastic (the light color). Haven't carried the Mastic yet, but the Whiskey definitely gets more attention. There is just something about that color with the Chloe leather that makes the bag 'pop'.
    I just recently purchased the Mastic because I fell in love with that color, and got a fantastic deal, so couldn't pass it up.
  4. Thanks Mona_Danya and IIson. Now that I think about it, I am swinging towards Whiskey! It does pop, especially in the thumbnails I posted.

    The main reason I was thinking of getting Mastic was because I already have a chocolate Silverado ... getting Whiskey would mean my only two Chloe bags (so far) were brown.

    But the Whiskey really is nothing like Chocolate, is it?!

    One more question - is the bag in the picture definitely Whiskey?

    Thanks. :heart:
  5. Definitely the Whiskey!:love: Best color for the edith imo!
  6. The Whiskey Edith is stunning! :heart:
  7. It appears to be whiskey--but you could ask the SA, if possible, to verify, my whiskey says Eucreil on the Chloe hang tag. I always ask the SA to flip the tag over and read the color to me. I've found some do not realize the color is on the back side or sometimes inside the hang tag.
  8. where is this store? looks like they have a lot of edith!
  9. love the Mastic :wlae:
  10. I love the mastic. Are there 4 colors there? Is one a gray or black? My monitor on this laptop is terrible.
  11. Love the whiskey! Mine gets lots of attention.
    the Mastic is nice too, any reds? I like Edith in red too.
    Is this a Last Call store?
  12. I just got my brun Edith yesterday (after almost two weeks of waiting) and I looove it! I haven't seen any picture that gives it justice, definitely looks much better IRL. Now I'm eyeing that whiskey one...:nuts:

    This forum is such a bad influence...and I mean that in a very good way...:graucho::graucho::graucho:
  13. Hi again

    There are four colours there, according to the SA. Whiskey, Mastic and what I think are black and chocolate but I will double check. Imonpurseblog, I can't tell either on my laptop! :shame:

    It's Horchow Finale in Plano. :tup:

    There are also Edith bowlers in Red (:drool:) and, I think, Whiskey.
  14. Thanks, Cranky!
    BTW...which Chloe bags have you gotten? I saw you post you had 2, but didn't see what you got. Spill it, girly! I've got to know!:yes:
  15. My collection isn't exciting compared to some others I've see around here - wow!! :drool:

    I have a chocolate Silverado hobo - my first Chloe. :heart: I haven't even carried it yet!

    A metallic bleu nuit Paddington clutch is winging its way here from Diabro even as I type! :heart: Hopefully it'll be here in the next couple of days.

    And one of those whiskey Ediths in the pic is on hold for me. :yes: I am SOOOOO tempted to get two but that will cause Customs problems.

    Imonpurseblog, are you tempted too?? :graucho: What do you have?