Ediths on NM/BG

  1. My heart skipped a beat when I saw the whiskey pic - alas no, but there's:

    Medium Chocolate

    Large Chamois

    on right now!
  2. AND Medium Chamois at bobellisshoes. That would have been a better drinking purchase!
  3. ^^^LOL! you lush you! kidding!!too funny! I can so see me doing that too!!!!
  4. Uh oh....
  5. uh oh, what's a SoCal to do? Is this what they mean by Karma? :biggrin: Enjoy your purchase! :nuts:
  6. I am not saying a word. Shhhhhhhh!!!!!!
  7. Blugenie, I guess you are keeping Chucky? LOVE the avatar!!!:lol:
  8. Somehow I missed the whole "Chucky" thing but that pic cracks me up!!
  9. Humm... I wonder why my Edith Chocolate is still on "backorder" from NM? (Not that Whiskey Edith really needs a sister!)
  10. Please post pics :biggrin:
  11. That's bizarre.... perhaps it's on its way? Only children need playmates ;)
  12. You and me both. I just sat here, it was the bag that was lOOking at ME. SoCal did the rest.... :biggrin:
  13. Not telling not telling still not too late to cancel not telling...
  14. something's missing from BG....hmmmm what could it be? or is it BOB? Bob, meet Chucky!
  15. Noooooo Bob was closed...or no one answered...still not too late to cancel...just checked again...what to do...