Edith's day out

  1. I'm one of thoes people that buys a bag and then it sits and waits for a while before being used (I want to be certain that it is staying!).

    Well, Edith is finally going out today. I have a student's doctoral presentation to go to, and Edith will be carrying the draft of the dissertation (all 200 pages or so) plus my other necessities. The perfect professor bag off to school!

    I'm ridiculously excited. I planned what I was wearing today specifically to show off the bag. I guess this means that whiskey Edith is a keeper!
  2. YAY! I'm glad you decided to keep her! She IS a great bag for when you need to be organized yet she's so casual and fun too. Have fun on your first day of school, Edie (and good luck on your presentation!!)!
  3. Thank you, Daisy (although the student needs the luck, not me, as I will be the evil old professor evaluating her performance and deciding whether or not she gets her degree!)

    The more I look at the Edith, the more I can imagine that it is a bag I will carry for a long time. Strange for an "it" bag, but I think 10 years from now the bag will be in "her prime"!
  4. Have fun showing her off :nuts: The Edith does look like the perfect professor's bag! :biggrin:
  5. :nuts: Oops!
  6. Congrats! Cute story. Glad she is a keeper.
  7. Oh, Edith's first day out! So nice to hear another happy Edith story. I agree, Edith will be a bag you can use forever!
  8. ^^I was kind of thinking the same thing too. I think the bag will look better and better as it ages!

    I also took my Edith out for a spin this week (also a Professor) - I filled her with my essentials and also my students work (15 dvd's) and marched to class. She felt just "right" - professional yet kind of edgy. I caught a student checking her out.
    I also planned my outfit around what would suit her!
    :lol: :lol: :lol:
  9. Congrats!! It's not just a professor's bag, it is a great basic bag!! :smile:
  10. Oh what a beautiful bag, I'm SURE you're going to completely enjoy her! Have fun!
  11. When I was in college, none of my professors had designer bags! Glad to see times are changing! :idea:
  12. Edith is perfect for this job! I agree about having her in 10 years time - I am loving mine more every day!
  13. We had a great time, I felt very cool with Edith on my arm. Also, the leather smells sooooo good. I can't remember who suggested having the front pocket unbuckled but with the straps through the keeper loops (or whatever those are called), but that works great for quick in and out of the outside pocket.

    I carried the bag unzipped for a while, too, that works as well, because it isn't so floppy that you have to worry about things falling out.

    Really, I am very happy! Did I mention the yummy leather smell?
  14. ^^You're right the smell of the leather is to die for!!!! The bag just screams quality.
  15. I think that was me with the strap thing. Glad it's working out for you! So, the "Professor" is really Edith? And what is the pocket? Really Edith? Man, I am SO confused now. So is this the bag for professors? Then I should keep at least one! I can tell you the big profs in my grad program would not know an Edith (or a Chloe) if they got whacked over the head with the padlock.