Edith Tote with or without shoulder strap >>>

  1. Besides the shoulder strap, are both bags pretty much the same thing? I'm considering one on NAP that's described as "brown." Would this actually be the muscade color?
  2. Both are the same size. =)
  3. Same thing one has straps and the other doesn't
  4. i was wondering about this too... thanks for clearing it up.

    Pandabear... did you get your Edith? it's gone from NAP now. hope you got the last one :smile:
  5. hmmm, i wonder why the one with the strap was on 50% off, while the one w/o strap is only 40% off

    does the strap add significant weight to the bag? i'm worried the edith will be a heavy bag (like the paddington)
  6. Don't worry its no where near as heavy as the paddington:nogood:!!!
  7. It hardly adds any weight to the bag. I took the strap off and tried it and then put the strap back on and I can't feel the difference. I really like it with the long strap so I can wear it on my shoulder and have my hands free.
  8. Yes! I ordered it, but for a moment I panicked because I put it in my shopping cart for half an hour, came back and it showed the bag as sold out! Fifteen minutes later I checked again and it was back, so I promptly placed the order. NAP describes the bag as brown, but I think it may be (crosses fingers!) whiskey. I thought it was muscade for a moment, but discovered muscade has black stitching instead of cream.
  9. i like the one with the strap better. it's more practical and adds character.

    Great pandabear! show us pics when you get it. I'd love to see the actual color :smile:
  10. I'd get the one with the strap cause the bag fits a lot of stuff and it can get a bit tiring carrying it on the shoulder.
  11. Is the strap long enough to be worn cross-body style?
  12. For some people, yes. I can wear mine cross-body but it sits too high for me, up by the top of my hip; but I'm 5'8". It sits perfectly on my friend who is 5'4". She's also a little smaller than me around the torso.

  13. I hope is sits ok cross-body on me, I'm 5'6".