edith tall satchel (conteen) - 660, chocolate AND whiskey!

  1. Well, I just got off the phone and I have a confirmation # for the chocolate one at BG with free shipping. No tax either because we don't have a BG here in Atlanta. Now, I am holding my breath that they don't cancel it on me. I've been cancelled so often that I hate to get my hopes up!:wtf:

    Thanks BlueGenes!
  2. This is the bag-I hope that I like it! It was originally $1650-on sale for $660.
  3. [​IMG]Here it is!
  4. nice color, i have the whiskey and i luv it too!
  5. it's cute!
  6. I'm curious to hear what you think. I returned this bag because it was altogether too stiff for me.
  7. Hi JNH14 - hope you like it! I bought the whiskey - after being alerted by tPFers myself :smile:.

  8. How hard its to get in and out of? I saw a couple of comments on the NM posting of the same bag where people said that they didn't like it. I hope I do!:crybaby: